The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for both emergency medicine pharmacists and advocates for emergency medicine pharmacists!

SAEM is forming the Academic Emergency Medicine Pharmacists (AEMP) Interest Group with the intention of transitioning to an Academy of Emergency Medicine Pharmacists in the near future. We invite you to join SAEM’s new AEMP Interest Group and contribute to the growth and development of our vibrant new emergency medicine pharmacist community!

AEMP advances the practice of emergency medicine pharmacy by:
  • Creating an academic home for emergency medicine pharmacists
  • Cultivating multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Facilitating networking opportunities
  • Establishing nationally recognized leadership positions, policies, and platforms
  • Engaging in groundbreaking research in collaboration with emergency medicine professionals
  • Providing growth opportunities for our emergency medicine pharmacy residents
  • Hosting a prestigious emergency medicine pharmacy conference, held within the SAEM annual meeting

Leadership Opportunities:

New AEMP committees are being formed now in the following areas: 

Program Committee
  • The AEMP Program Committee will help design the AEMP Conference at SAEM24 and build emergency medicine pharmacy content and events within the full SAEM annual meeting. This committee is very active throughout the year, reviewing program materials, events, and activities that will take place at the SAEM annual meeting. 
Career Development Committee
  • The AEMP Career Development Committee develops tools and resources to assist academic emergency medicine pharmacists throughout the course of their careers.
Communications Committee
  • The AEMP Communications Committee will focus on online content, social media, development of a new AEMP Newsletter, and help to develop EM Pharmacist articles within SAEM’s Pulse magazine.
Membership Committee
  • The AEMP Membership Committee is responsible for ensuring that the growing and changing needs of AEMP members are met through the creation and review of membership statistics, surveys, and trends. The Membership Committee also identifies potential new members and develops mechanisms for membership recruitment and retention. 
Steering Committee
  • The AEMP Steering Committee is responsible for providing guidance, direction, and decision-making oversight for the AEMP Interest Group. This committee’s primary role is to set a strategic plan and objectives, make important decisions, allocate resources, and ensure that AEMP stays aligned with its objectives for its members. 

If you are interested in serving as an inaugural leader of AEMP, please email Initial committee selections will be announced by the end of October 2023. 

AEMP Conference and SAEM24!

AEMP Conference (includes CPE credits)
Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Sheraton Grand Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona

Last year's inaugural conference was held in conjunction with SAEM’s annual meeting and was attended by over 200 emergency medicine pharmacists and advocates of emergency medicine pharmacists. Attendees of the 2024 AEMP Conference automatically received registration to SAEM’s full Annual Meeting. Please make sure to claim CPE from attending by July 13th, 2024.

Become a SAEM Member:

We're thrilled to announce that SAEM membership is now available to pharmacist members.

As pharmacists, your annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Pharmacist/PharmD: $360 (Includes SAEM associate membership and AEMP Interest Group access)
  • Pharmacy Resident: $205 (Designed for pharmacy residents interested in emergency medicine pharmacy. Includes SAEM membership and AEMP Interest Group access.)
  • Pharmacy Student: $25 (Tailored for pharmacy students interested in emergency medicine pharmacy. Includes SAEM membership and AEMP Interest Group access.)

SAEM membership unlocks exclusive benefits listed below. By joining now, your membership will be active until December 31, 2024 for faculty Pharmacist/PharmD and June 30, 2025 for Pharmacy residents and students. All AEMP members have until May 17, 2024, to become SAEM members to remain part of the AEMP community. 

Our pharmacist members will be considered associate members of SAEM with the ability to access a full range of member benefits. Pharmacy residents and students interested in emergency medicine pharmacy will have full access to the SAEM Resident and Medical Student (RAMS) community.All SAEM Members also have the benefits of joining and interacting with SAEM’s 18 Committees, 8 Academies and 28 Interest Groups of which we hope our AEMP Members will enjoy. SAEM Members have access to two premier scientific journals, Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM) and AEM Education and Training (AEM E&T).  

SAEM and the inaugural leadership of the AEMP Interest Group are optimistic about the future ahead. Together, this is our opportunity to contribute, grow, and enhance the resources and connections within the emergency medicine pharmacy community. Moreover, we are excited about the prospect of forging stronger ties between the communities of emergency medicine pharmacists and SAEM’s over 8,500 emergency medicine physicians. Our aim is to ensure that our combined organization's structure aligns with the collaborative spirit we experience in our daily work.

You have the opportunity now to shape our society’s home, become involved today
To Get Involved: email 
To Become an SAEM and AEMP Member: email
Leadership Contacts:
Inaugural Chair, Academic Emergency Medicine Pharmacists (AEMP) Interest Group

Inaugural AEMP Steering Committee Member

Inaugural AEMP Steering Committee Member