How to Use this Resource

How to Use this Resource:

For each topic in the curriculum, we aim to present a collection of resources that can be used in a scalable manner to provide content for a wide range of needs, varying both in the target audience and in the time available for presentation.  From a 10- minute intro and discussion prompt at a departmental faculty meeting to an hour-long interactive learning session, a journal club, or a simulation session for residents and students, users can choose the resources that best fit their application and adapt and refine them as needed.  

There will be variability in adapting this curricular resource, and we recommend that all users create specific goals and objectives tailored to their educational session. 

Here is one suggested template:

"At the end of this session, the learner should be able to:

  1. Define XYZ.
  2. List examples of XYZ.
  3. Outline a strategy to XYZ in your department."

Often it may be helpful to use the "take-home points" listed later in the document to define appropriate objectives.

We aim to help facilitate “starting the conversation about DEI topics without starting from scratch.”  Although the content is targeted toward use in Academic Emergency Departments, it could easily be adapted to other environments.