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Issue One 2023

Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Innovations Report on the Use of the SIMPL Assessment Tool in an EM Residency Program

Discussion by Susan B. Promes, MD, MBA, editor-in-chief, AEM Education & Training

"Implementation of the SIMPL (Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning) Performance Assessment Tool in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Study"

Mary R. C. Haas MD, MHPE,  Mallory G. Davis MD, MPH,  Carrie E. Harvey MD,  Rob Huang MD,  Kirstin W. Scott MD, MPhil, PhD,  Brian C. George MD, MAEd,  Gregory M. Wnuk MHSA,  John Burkhardt MD, PhD


Issue Two 2022

Take a Closer Look at That Image – Is There a Hidden Message?
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