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Introducing Your 2021-2022 AAAEM Leadership

AAAEM is pleased to present your AAAEM leadership for 2021-2022. Congratulations to the newly installed AAAEM Executive Committee.

Kain C. Robbins

Kain C. Robbins is the Operations Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (MSHMC) of Penn State Health. Kain received his bachelor’s degree in 1994 in Accounting for Penn State University. He has been in the healthcare industry for 19 years starting out as the Accounting Manager for a Health Management Associates hospital in Lancaster, PA. For the 14 years he has been working at the MSHMC with the first 6 years in the role of a Financial Liaison which support the Children’s Hospital and the Departments of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, Neurology & PM&R and now the last 8 years with the Department of Emergency Medicine. In his role as Operations Director he not only manages the operations of Emergency Medicine but also directs the organization’s pre-hospital services, Life Lion, which operate air medical, ground critical care and EMS programs. Kain resides in Lancaster, PA and has been married to his wife, Kimberly, for 23 years. They are in the process of raising the next round of Nittany Lions with his daughter, Katelyn, currently a sophomore at University Park. His Son, Kyle, attends State College. In his free time, Kain is a passionate Dallas Cowboys fan. He also enjoys camping, traveling, and is always up for a good meal.

Amy Jameson, MPhil, MA, MBA

Amy Jameson has worked in Emergency Medicine for 10 years. She oversees a Department that has almost doubled in size since 2008. She is responsible for the business activities and administration of an academic Department that includes two adult and one pediatric Emergency Departments. She has initiated processes that are key to supporting over 90 faculty and all missions within the Department. She has fostered a culture of teamwork and accountability among the staff. Measurements of her success include balanced budgets, increasing revenues and low staff turnover. She views her role as a partner to the Chair and, as such, investigates and develops creative solutions for the Department to be a leader in a complex organization.

David Christiansen, MBA

David Christiansen has been a member of AAAEM since its inception in 2010. He serves as a member of the Benchmark Survey Committee and is also the past Chair of the Communications Committee. 

David Christiansen’s healthcare career spans over 25 years and has included responsibilities as Administrator in Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, Radiology, Urgent Care, hospitalist and primary care programs. For the past 19 years, he has focused on academic Emergency Medicine, first in Arizona and continuing now in Florida. David’s combination of experience both within and outside of Emergency Medicine makes him appreciate our specialty and its specific needs.  

Becky McGowan, MBA

Becky received her bachelor degree in biology and her MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver.  She has served as the Vice Chair of Finance and Administration for the Department of Emergency Medicine for the past 8 years. 

The Executive Committee is designed to provide leadership and act on behalf of the general membership to further the mission of AAAEM and conduct its business activities.  All officers of the Executive Committee shall by all reasonable means attend the executive meetings, the AAAEM annual meeting and perform their assigned duties accordingly.  The Executive Committee consists of the following roles:  President, President-Elect, Past­-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Find No Results Code view Done

Rhea Begeman, RN, BSN, MS
Immediate Past President

Rhea Begeman is Director of Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Emergency Medicine. She is the President of AAAEM and participated on the Executive Committee for the past 4 years. She has worked in Emergency Medicine Administration since 2003 and has been recognized for her contributions and commitment with multiple university and community leadership awards. Her strengths include Clinical Operations, Social Emergency Medicine, Professional Development and Wellness and Development of Innovative Collaborations. 


Jennifer Patton Muir, MBA
Jennifer Muir is the Administrator for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, Master of Business Administration, and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration. 

Jennifer has worked in higher education for over 14 years in various administrative roles, to include, the Director of Employment in Human Resources and the Executive Director of Business and Administrative Affairs in the College of Nursing. She has been in her current position in the Department of Emergency Medicine for the past 4 years. In her administrative roles she has been heavily involved in strategic planning, program development, financial management, human resources management, and policy development.  

Jennifer is the Co- President of the North Carolina Chapter of the College and University Professional Association of Human Resources where she has served on the board for the past 10 years and is the Vice Chair of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) of the Carolinas Regional Advisory Board where she has served for the past year.  In addition, she has served as a Member-At -Large on the Executive Committee previously and currently serves on the Benchmarking and Strategic Planning Committees within AAAEM where she has served for the past 2 years.  

Travis W. Schmitz, PhD, MB

Travis received his bachelor degree in business administration from Mississippi College and his MBA from Millsaps College. He completed a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 2013. He still teaches for the University of Mississippi system in an online program for the Department of Health Sciences. Travis has been a member of AAAEM since 2013. Since that time, he has been an active member of the benchmarking committee. He has also previously served as an at-large member of the Executive Committee and currently serves as chair of the Education Committee. Starting in 2019, Travis joined Kirsten Rounds, creator of the CAEMA program, to co-direct the Certificate in Academic Emergency Medicine Administration program.