Founded in 2011, the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) is an international forum bringing together clinician sonologists with the common goal of advancing patient care and safety through the use of bedside ultrasound. AEUS task forces promote the development of training curricula for medical students, residents, and fellows, as well as of tools and resources for further research and development.

Our Mission Is:

  • To advance education and research of ultrasound for the bedside evaluation of emergency medical conditions, resuscitation of the acutely ill or injured, guidance of invasive procedures, monitoring of certain pathologic states and as an adjunct to therapy. 
  • To serve as a platform for discussion of subjects that are of concern to emergency medicine physicians practicing clinical sonography.
  • To support medical student, resident, fellow, and practicing emergency physician ultrasound training and education.
  • To foster individual and multicenter ultrasound research to advance the knowledge of our field and improve patient care, safety and emergency department patient flow.
  • To work collaboratively with other organizations within emergency medicine, and across the specialties, through partnership, education, and to promote shared common interests.

AEUS member originated the extremely popular SonoGames®, which nationally attracts over half the Emergency Medicine residencies to compete and has grown by almost 20 residencies per year.  It has been a model for other ultrasound educational events for local areas and medical schools and is an example of how innovative creations flourish within SAEM.

AEUS is a fantastic community for fellows and young faculty to interact and get noticed on the national scene. Members of all levels get involved in some of the most interesting and fun activities available for point-of-care ultrasound enthusiasts. 

SAEM members are eligible to join academies, like AEUS, and interest groups to network and collaborate in subspecialties of SAEM. You can join academies and interest groups when you join SAEM. If you are already an SAEM member and you would like to simply add an academy or interest group membership, you can log in to your account, or download the  Academy Membership Form.