Resident Teacher Award

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The award is given to a resident, who has demonstrated skills and interests in teaching, as defined in the criteria below. No more than one award may be given per residency program, but it need not be given each year. Faculty shall select their program's recipient. Candidates can be nominated by either Clerkship Director or Residency Program Director. 

  • Demonstrated interest in teaching/precepting medical students. 
  • Demonstrated interest and excellence in teaching physician assistants, nursing students, pharmacy students, etc. 
  • Participation in a patient education or residency education committee.
  • Peer teaching. 
  • Consistent quality grand rounds and/or conferences presented. 
  • Valued as teacher by patients and peers. 
  • Evidence of community teaching. 
  • Presentations given at regional or national Emergency Medicine meetings.
  • The resident selected from each residency program will receive:
  • Recognition in the SAEM Pulse
  • Certificate of Excellence as a Resident Teacher in Emergency Medicine
  • Recognition at the CDEM academy meeting at SAEM23

Please submit your Resident Teacher Application at least three weeks prior to the date the certificate is needed for residency graduation ceremonies. While we realize that not all residency programs provide the full range of teaching opportunities that we have enumerated, we believe the resident recipient should fulfill as many of the criteria as possible to be considered an exemplary future teacher.

Nominations should be sent to or faxed to 847.813.5450.