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The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine represents excellence and leadership in academic emergency medicine and is deeply committed to nurturing camaraderie and diversity among members, as well as creative and symbiotic interactions with other organizations. From faculty members to medical students, SAEM provides a multitude of membership benefits for you throughout your medical career.

SAEM membership includes a variety of individuals in the field of emergency medicine. Individuals with an advanced degree such as MD, DO, PhD, PharmD, DSc, or equivalent, who hold a university appointment, or who are actively involved in emergency medicine education or research are eligible for "faculty" membership. Health professionals, educators, government officials, members of lay or civic organizations, and members of the public who have an interest in the field are eligible for "associate" membership. Other eligible individuals include young physicians in either the first or second year following residency graduation, residents, fellows, and medical students interested in emergency medicine. Emeritus membership is available to emeritus professors/physicians who have been consistent members of SAEM for more than 15 years.

Become part of an organization that is dedicated to excellence and leadership in academic emergency medicine and fosters camaraderie and diversity among its members. 

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The SAEM Membership Guide highlights all the programs, services, and opportunities the Society offers its members, takes new members through the ins and outs of the organization and shows them the ropes, and gives all members the tools and information to make the most of their SAEM membership… all in one fun, easy-to-use, interactive format.