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Consortium of Universities in Global Health (CUGH) Educational ProductsUse the following link to find open-access toolkits, online courses, case studies, and other materials that are useful for the global health community. 
  • “Reasoning Without Resources” Case Studies
  • Global Health Priorities, Problems, Programs & Policies
  • General Learning
Consortium of Universities in Global Health (CUGH) Link LibraryLinks to sites are grouped into 4 categories:
  • Informational Resources
  • Journal and Portals with High Relevance to Global Health
  • Job and Field Placement Opportunities
  • Language Training Programs
FreeLink Library
Simulation Use for Global Away Rotations (SUGAR)Video and simulation-based curriculum on common practical and emotional challenges in GH
 comprehensive GH preparatory course S-Pack. 
Unite for Sight Global Health E-learning ResourcesGlobal Health University disseminates knowledge to advance global health delivery and to promote excellence in global health education. Categories include:
  • Global Health
  • Global Health Technology
  • Health Education
  • Global Health Research
  • Community Development
  • Cultural Competency 
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, and Social Marketing
  • Metrics and Impact
  • Global Health History
  • Evaluative Frameworks
FreeUNITE for Sight
Global Point of Care Ultrasound: A Technical Guide. This project was born out of an idea from a small group of individuals in the Global Ultrasound Subcommittee at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2019 Convention and reflects the hard work of this group and others.Open accessGlobal Ultrasound

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