ADIEM Membership Benefits

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Current SAEM members can join ADIEM or other academy at no additional cost.  When you join ADIEM your membership include:

  • Networking and access to thought leaders on diversity and inclusion
  • Enhanced ability to do collaborative research on our focus area
  • Opportunities to work on presentations through ADIEM programmatic initiatives. 

There is strength in numbers and our collective energy and voices will help us reach the ultimate goal - attaining the optimal outcomes for our patients in an environment that is informed and welcoming to all people.

If you are a current SAEM member and would like to add ADIEM (or any other academy) to your membership:

  1. Log into your SAEM Account
  2. Click “My Account”
  3. Click the button titled “Update (+/-) Academies or Interest Groups under your name on left side
    • To add an Academy or Interest Group to your SAEM Membership, select the box next to the Academy or Interest Group name you want to join and click save.
    • To remove an Academy or Interest Group from your SAEM Membership, uncheck the box next to the Academy or Interest Group name you want to remove and click save.


  1. Complete and return the Academy Membership Form

Have questions or need help? Email our Membership Department or call 847.257.7236 .