Certificate in Academic Emergency Medicine Administration

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The purpose of the Certificate in Academic Emergency Medicine Administration (CAEMA) program is to provide education and a certificate for those professionals who have attended the program and demonstrated proficiency in the body of knowledge required of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine. The program is specifically geared towards the knowledge base of Administrators in an Academic environment, encompassing resident education, post residency training, inclusion of medical students, and research in Emergency Medicine.

Applications to the 2023-2024 CAEMA Program: Closed

Deadline: January 31, 2023

Tuition cost: $2,250

  • Session One: Live Workshop at the 2023 AACEM/AAAEM Joint Retreat, Spring 2023
  • Session Two: Live workshop at SAEM Headquarters, Fall 2023
  • Session Three: Live Workshop at the 2024 AACEM/AAAEM Annual Retreat, Spring 2024

Reading List:

There may be required and optional reading assigned to participants.


The program faculty will include:

  • Experienced Academic Emergency Medicine Administrators
  • Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine
  • Experts in particular aspects of emergency medicine administration
  • Experts in other fields which relate to the role of an emergency medicine administrator

The program will cover 4 content areas: Academics, Human Capital, Personal Development and Practice Operations. These will include a wide variety of topics including: hiring and advancing staff, budgets and financial reporting, clinical staffing, analytics and how to use them, research, organization skills, billing & coding, team building, strategic planning and more.

For more specific information on the curriculum, please email caema@saem.org.