Status: OPEN May 1, 2023
Application Deadline: August 1, 2023

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The following provides an overview of the SAEMF Research Training Grant. For complete instructions on applying, please see the Detailed Instructions. For submission instructions and SAEMF policies, visit How To Apply. For answers to other common questions, visit our Grants FAQ or email


The SAEMF Research Training Grant awards $300,000 over a two-year period ($150,000 per year) to support the development of a researcher in emergency medicine.

The goals of the SAEMF Research Training Grant are to:
  1. Provide support to an emergency medicine academician awardee for two years of concentrated training and mentorship with an emphasis on learning research methodology. The award is intended to support the development of sound research skills rather than a specific research project.
  2. Enhance the likelihood of the selection of an academic research career by the awardee.
  3. Facilitate the support of research training in the awardee’s host institution for emergency medicine research scientists.
  4. Encourage the awardee’s academic development and involvement in emergency medicine research.


The SAEMF Research Training Grant awardee is expected to:
  1. Attend the SAEM Annual Meeting during both years of the award.
  2. Submit interim and final progress reports in accordance with SAEMF instructions.
  3. Submit an abstract reporting the results of the research project for presentation at the SAEM Annual Meeting. As the selection of research abstracts is a competitive process, acceptance is not assured.
  4. Publish a manuscript (first-authored by the awardee) arising from the project in a peer-reviewed journal within two years of completing the Research Training Grant.
  5. Receive sufficient departmental and institutional support to limit clinical (including moonlighting) or administrative work to no more than 12 hours per week.
  6. Receive strong mentorship and engage in a rigorous training curriculum.
  7. Complete a research project appropriate to the mentorship and training plan that will develop the awardee’s research and academic career.
  8. Receive the fundamental research skills necessary to succeed as a research scientist and compete for subsequent extramural grant funding.


An applicant for the SAEMF Research Training Grant must:
  1. Be a member of SAEM in good standing at application deadline and during the entire award period.
  2. Have an advanced/doctoral or terminal educational degree (e.g., MD, DO, PhD, PharmD, DSc or equivalent).  
  3. Hold a university appointment in or be actively involved (e.g., have an adjunct appointment) with a department or division of emergency medicine or pediatric emergency medicine at the start of award period. The applicant may work as a clinician at an institution other than the host institution or the institution at which the project will be conducted.
  4. Not have previously received a SAEMF Research Training Grant, an Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) grant with similar purpose as the SAEMF Research Training Grant, a federally funded individual career development award (K-series or VA CDA), a federally funded R01, or equivalent such as the NIA GEMSSTAR award, or a similar research training grant from another entity, prior to the start of the Research Training Grant period. If an applicant has received funding for an institutional training grant (K12, KL2 or similar), he/she should provide a detailed description of the currently funded project and any similarities or overlap with the SAEMF application. Eligibility will be assessed at the time of the award decision, so applicants funded by a disqualifying source after submission of their application may become ineligible as a result of subsequent funding decisions.

Full Eligibility Criteria, Detailed Instructions, and Additional Information for SAEMF Grants can be found here.

Updated March 13, 2023