AGEM Author Spotlight Feb 2024

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AGEM Author Spotlight: Lauren Willoughby, MD Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin


Integration of Geriatric Education Within the American Board of Emergency Medicine Model

Article Summary:
Not only do geriatric patients make up a large portion of the patient population seen in the Emergency Department, they also have unique considerations and needs. Thus it is imperative that residents receive adequate training during residency to care for this distinct patient population. To accomplish this, a residency program must incorporate geriatric specific teaching into their curriculum. The Emergency Medicine Model, a consensus document developed by several EM organizations, helps guide the development of residency curriculums. Our work aimed to assess how well the current EM Model incorporates geriatric specific competencies. Findings from this work will aide development of residency training curriculum and hopefully encourage further integration of geriatric concepts.

Lauren Willoughby, MD is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She completed residency at Ohio State University, after which she completed a Medical Education Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin. Her passion for education also led her to pursue a Masters of Medical Education at the University of Pennsylvania.