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Application Deadline: August 8, 2024, 5:00 PM Central Time

Due to Hurricane Beryl, the deadline to apply for an SAEMF grant has been extended to Thursday, August 8, at 5:00 PM Central Time.

This document provides an overview of this grant. For complete instructions on applying, please see the Detailed Instructions. For submission instructions and SAEMF policies, visit How To Apply. For answers to other common questions, visit our Grants FAQ or email


Purpose of the Award

The SAEMF Research Large Project Grant awards $150,000 over a two-year period ($75,000 per year) to support an emergency medicine faculty member to conduct a large-scale research project to advance his/her career and subsequently obtain federal funding by developing pilot data.

The goals of the Research Large Project Grant are to:
  1. Answer important scientific questions in emergency medicine.
  2. Foster the growth of the awardee.
  3. Help the awardee become an independently funded scientist in emergency medicine research.

Expectations of the Award

The Large Project Grant awardee is expected to:

  1. Attend the SAEM Annual Meeting during both years of the award.
  2. Submit interim and final progress reports in accordance with SAEMF instructions.
  3. Submit an abstract reporting the results of the research project for presentation at the SAEM Annual Meeting. As the selection of research abstracts is a competitive process, acceptance is not assured.
  4. Publish a manuscript (with awardee as first or senior author) arising from the project in a peer-reviewed journal within two years of completing the award.

Eligibility of the Award

An applicant for the Research Large Project Grant must:

  1. Be a "faculty" member of SAEM in good standing at application deadline and during the entire award period.
  2. Have an advanced/doctoral or terminal educational degree (e.g., MD, DO, PhD, DSc or equivalent).
  3. Hold a university appointment in or be actively involved (e.g., have an adjunct appointment) with a department or division of emergency medicine or pediatric emergency medicine at the start of award period. The applicant may work as a clinician at an institution other than the host institution or the institution at which the project will be conducted.
  4. Not have previously received a SAEMF Large Project Grant.
  5. Not have received an NIH R01 award or equivalent. Eligibility will be assessed at the time of the award decision, so applicants funded by a disqualifying source after submission of their application may become ineligible as a result of subsequent funding decisions.

Although faculty members at any stage can apply for this award, higher consideration will be given to late early-career and mid-career faculty members who have already had additional research training (such as an MPH or Masters in Clinical Research), a publication record, and some funding success. NIH K awardees (e.g., K08, K23, K12, KL2, etc) are encouraged to apply. Researchers without advanced training are encouraged to apply for the RTG (Research Training Grant).

Applicants for this award are expected to be at different stages of research career development. Applicants may apply as a (1) mentored research scientist or as an (2) independent research scientist. The involvement and availability of mentorship and collaboration appropriate for the applicant’s career stage will be one of the criteria considered by the review committee.

Mentored Research Scientist. Applicants applying as mentored researchers should adhere to the mentor eligibility criteria described in the Eligibility Criteria for SAEMF Grants. For mentored applicants, the review committee will consider whether the mentorship plan is appropriate for the candidate’s career stage, the prior relationship with the mentor, and whether the candidate will be prepared for independent funding after the conclusion of the mentorship plan.

Independent Research Scientist. Applicants applying as independent research scientists must have a track record of high-quality publications or prior funding that demonstrate a career stage appropriate for independent funding. Applicants need not have an identified primary mentor, though evidence of collaboration with senior investigators in the design and conduct of the research plan will be looked upon favorably. For independent research scientists, the review committee will consider whether the investigator and research team, after the conduct of the proposed study, will be able to submit a compelling application for independent federal funding.

Multiple Principal Investigator (PI) applications are accepted for this award. A 1-page Multiple PI Plan must be included. Please see the Detailed Instructions for SAEMF Grant Applications for additional information.

Full Eligibility Criteria, Detailed Instructions, and Additional Information for SAEMF Grants can be found here.

Updated June 4, 2024

2024 Grantee

Read more about Dr. Lauren K. Stewart and her research project "Targeting Metabolic Syndrome from the Emergency Department through Mixed-Methods" here!