About SAEM’s DEI Curriculum: Starting the Conversation Without Starting from Scratch


Members of the SAEM Equity and Inclusion Committee identified a widespread need for a curricular resource in Emergency Medicine which would help provide structure and high-quality content on DEI topics.  Although members identified various presentation formats and various target learner groups within their departments, the DEI content material required across those needs was similar.  Rather than expecting each person in each department to research and then present this material, we decided to embrace an effort to pool our efforts so that everyone can benefit from access to high-quality, organized DEI resources that are curated for use in Emergency Medicine.  


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion encompases a wide range of topics.  We intentionally focused on those areas within DEI which affect emergency medicine faculty, staff and learners.  Although there is significant overlap on issues relevant to DEI affecting patients, other resources may already be focused on issues such as patient health disparities, social emergency medicine,  and social determinants of health.  If you have interest in accessing curricula in those areas, watch this page for links to high-quality work which complements our efforts. 

Resources Provided

We aim to cover any confusing or controversial terminology which may be a barrier to everyone discussing these topics by starting each topic with a definition of terms.  Next, we describe the background concepts involved for each topic, as well as highlight any important historical issues.  Subsequently, each topic provides important statistics, links to journal club articles, simulation or case-study resources, images, relevant professional and community efforts on the topic, as well as a discussion of any controversies, barriers, and opportunities involved.  By providing this content in an organized way, we hope that the Emergency Medicine community will be able to use the curriculum in a scalable fashion, utilizing different parts of it for different learners and different presentation contexts.  We also provide advice on where to focus if time is limited.  

For each topic, the following content is provided:

  • Definition(s) of Terms
  • Synonyms/Related Terms
  • Scaling This Resource: Recommended Use
  • Discussion/Background
  • Quantitative Analysis/Statistics of note
  • Slide Presentation or Images
  • Role-playing Scenario
  • Barriers/Challenges/Controversies
  • Ethical Issues
  • Opportunities
  • Journal Club Article links
  • Discussion Questions
  • Summary/Take-home Themes
  • Relevant Quotations
  • Specialty Resource Links
  • Community Resource Links
  • Video Links
  • Simulation Scenario
  • Quiz Questions/Answers
  • Call to Action Prompt
  • Reference