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Want to disrupt ultrasound? AEUS will help.

Deadline is November 7th

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Win up to $2,000 to innovate our field

The AEUS Innovation Competition is looking to fund cutting-edge advancements in the field of Emergency Ultrasound. Held annually, this event brings together talented AEUS members from around the world to compete for small grants to get their groundbreaking ideas off the ground.

Awardee(s) will receive a $200-$2000 grant from AEUS depending on demonstrated need. The intention for this funding is to offset implementation costs of POCUS initiatives. Areas of innovation can include POCUS educational resources, teaching materials, assessment tools, etc. Winners are encouraged to attend the AEUS annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, May 2024 and will be highlighted during the academy meeting.

AEUS is committed to promoting POCUS innovation

Pitch your idea

Submit a 3-minute video explaining your innovative idea. Include the amount of funding you need, how you plan to use it, and how you will measure the success of your project. Submit now.

Ideal pitches will: 

Promote emergency ultrasound education, showcase innovation and ideas, foster collaboration and professional development for ultrasound educators or support research in POCUS innovation.

2022 Winning Projects

Augmented Reality Enhanced Ultrasound for Prolonged Space Flight - Dr. Michael Del Valle - Denver Health Emergency Ultrasound Fellow

Crowdsourced Question Bank for POCUS Educators - Dr. Tiffany Fong and Dr. Whitney Brown - John Hopkins School of Medicine
Sonography Education App - Dr. Jonathan Warren - Harbor-UCLA

Yam Cake DIY Ultrasound Phantom - Dr. Makoto Tanigawa - Thomas Jefferson University Hospital