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Emergency Medicine’s (EM) core is fundamentally rooted in action, personal drive, tenacity, and compassion for those who need assistance regardless of time or place. Wellness has been linked to one’s feeling of purpose in every field, but especially in EM. The objective of Residents and Medical Students (RAMS) Roadmaps is to support the heart of the emergency physician from their White Coat Ceremony to retirement by giving them the tools to pursue their purpose and enable them to achieve emotional health by staying true to what they want to focus on.  

RAMS Roadmaps is complete with instruction, structure, and a breadth of resources that support the confident steps for everyone on their path toward their purpose.This resource provides guidance to the second-year medical student looking to get into residency for EM, someone looking for timelines and insider advice on advanced training, or even a seasoned attending transitioning to academia.  

The Roadmaps team is here to support and mentor each individual through their course, to be confident in that next step but most of all we hope that you enjoy the journey.

Don't Know Where to Start? Let Us Help!

Are you just getting started in academic emergency medicine? Begin at Foundations of Academic EM, which takes you step-by-step through your career beginning with Medical Student and ending with Attendee.

Are you already established within academic emergency medicine? Begin your journey through Roadmaps below.