Simulation Misson

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The Simulation Academy is a national educational organization that focuses on the development and use of simulation in emergency medicine education, research, and patient care. We maintain strong ties and share many members with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Emergency Medicine Interest Group.

The Mission of Simulation Academy

  • Advance simulation’s role as an effective strategy for facilitating the acquisition of proficiency, competency, and mastery in emergency medicine among learners spanning the diversity of experience, development, and level of expertise.
  • Serve as a unified voice for emergency medicine providing advocacy on issues of simulation in education, research, scholarship and patient care.
  • Provide a forum for emergency medicine providers interested in simulation to communicate, share ideas, and generate solutions to common problems.
  • Foster a coherent research mission in the various applications of simulation and develop a Consensus Conference proposal establishing a research agenda every few years.
  • Promote the professional development, career satisfaction, and improved wellness and resiliency of emergency physicians involved with simulation in their academic careers through mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Build collaborations and relationships with other organizations to promote the use of simulation.

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