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AEM Education and Training (AEM E&T) invites submissions from SAEM academies, committees, and interest groups, for a special issue of AEM E&T, Proceedings from the 2024 SAEM Annual Meeting, which will publish in early 2025. 

This special issue will highlight the proceedings from the 2024 SAEM Annual Meeting relevant to education and training. In addition to the standard manuscript types, conceptually-based white papers — submitted by SAEM academy, committee, and interest group members that share cutting-edge ideas and concepts unique to their areas of expertise with an emphasis on education and training in emergency medicine — will be accepted. 

Deadline for submission: September 15, 2024.

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Concept Paper Instructions

Conceptually based papers for this special issue of AEM E&T will seek to develop a fuller understanding of emergency medicine education and training by building on existing knowledge. A conceptual model explains facts of events in a way that increases understanding. This should be more than a basic introduction to a topic. The structure of a conceptual paper includes:

  • Introduction of the topic and review of previously published work 
  • Methodology used to develop manuscript and how writing group was identified committee objective, task force work, etc.
  • Unique treatment, analysis, or critique of the current state of knowledge on the topic 
  • Implications for education and training in emergency medicine 
  • References 

Manuscripts can be no longer than 5,000 words, excluding abstract. Conceptually based papers must contain two tables and no more than five. Manuscripts should include a minimum of five references. See section entitled “Original Contributions and Brief Contributions” in the AEM E&T Author Instructions, for specific guidelines for tables, figures, and references.

Submission Instructions

Papers should be submitted via Scholar One (, our online peer review management system. Be sure to select “Yes, this manuscript is a candidate for a special issue” during Step 4 of the submission process. Submission type: Standard AEM E&T manuscript types plus special “Concept Paper” type for this issue. 

Special Issue: Proceedings from the SAEM 2022 Annual Meeting

For more information about the AEM E&T Annual Meeting Proceedings issues, check out the 2023 Special Issue. Note that SAEM member login is required to access journal content.