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 Challenge Leaderboard Percent Participation

What Is the Academy, Committee, and Interest Group Challenge?

The Challenge is a spirited competition that raises funds in support of the SAEM Foundation (SAEMF) mission. Each year between May 1 and August 31, members of SAEM’s academies, committees and interest groups come together to contribute to the Challenge. The 2021 Challenge officially kicks into high gear at SAEM21, but we’ll be showcasing the highlights of the challenge through August 31 at

Challenge Goals

In 2020, the Challenge raised over $20,000. This year we’re challenging academies, committees, and interest groups to raise $30,000 to support additional SAEMF grants. When coupled with SAEM’s $10,000 match, this will do even more to support future leaders in emergency medicine research and education! Donate today to participate in the Challenge and help your group rise to the top. Donate

Watch Your Group Climb the Leaderboard
Each group will have a unique Challenge leaderboard. Visit your SAEM Communities during SAEM21 to monitor your group's leaderboard standings. Note: your gift will be applied evenly among each academy, committee, and/or interest group to which you belong.*

Here’s How to Move Your Group Up the Ranks
There are two ways to elevate your group’s standing on the leaderboard: Make a charitable gift by visiting, or email Julie Wolfe at to make a pledge for payment later in the year. SAEM members have shown strong support of SAEMF early this year; if you have already donated/pledged, thank you — your gift has been counted! 

Members may donate more than once. The total amount of all donations for each member will be counted towards the group’s goal; but each member will only be counted once for their participation. Gifts and pledges from donors who gave earlier in the year, or those who have a pledge installment due in the current year, will count towards the Challenge total raised and participation rate for each group to which they belong.

Members can set up monthly automatic recurring gifts if they so choose at All donations are tax deductible to the extent of current IRS regulations and 100% of dollars raised are used to fund grants to SAEM members.

Help Unlock the 2021 SAEM Challenge Trophy Gift
For donations received between May 1 and August 31, 2021 SAEM will donate one dollar, up to $10,000, for each dollar donated* to the SAEMF during the Challenge.

The Real Winners
The groups that raise the most funds and those with the highest participation within each category will be recognized on @SAEMOnline, on, and in SAEM Pulse, but the biggest winners are those whose research your gift will help fund. Your donation means more and larger grants, like those you can read about here:

Questions? Contact Julie Wolfe at for Challenge details or to check your donation history.

* The 2021 committee cycle starts May 1, 2021. The amount credited to the 2021 Challenge will be the amount donated, pledged, or due in 2021.


SAEMF 2020 Challenge Winners

Together SAEM committees, academies, and interest groups raised a total of $20,370; SAEM will match that amount with an additional $10,000, for a grand total of $30,370 for EM research and education grants. On behalf of SAEM and SAEM Foundation, thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2020 SAEMF Challenge.

Most Money Raised

  • Committees: SAEM Grants Committee
  • Academies and Interest Groups: Academy for Diversity & Inclusion in Emergency Medicine (ADIEM)
  • Honorable Mention: Academy of Women in Academic Emergency Medicine and Research Directors Interest Group

Most Participation

  • Committees: SAEM Bylaws Committee
  • Academies and Interest Groups: Research Directors IG
  • Honorable Mention: Finance Committee


Unlock the SAEM's Challenge GiftHelp Unlock the 2021 SAEM Challenge Gift

For donations received between May 1 and August 31, 2021 SAEM will donate one dollar, up to $10,000, for each dollar donated* to the SAEMF during the Challenge.