Wellness and Resilience


In accordance with  SAEM's Statement on Commitment to Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, SAEM supports endeavors related to physical health and wellness and the fight against burnout. Below is a growing collection of SAEM wellness initiatives, partnerships, articles, and other resources supporting this cause.

Stop the Stigma EM

Everyone has a role to play in breaking down the barriers to mental health care in emergency medicine. Click the link below for helpful resources and to see how you can help “Stop the Stigma in EM.”

Stop the Stigma EM Toolkit

COVID-19 Toolkits

This toolkit for emergency care providers gives you just what you need to know now to make the right decisions for your COVID-19 patients. Helpful references guide you through important conversations with your newly diagnosed patients. Plus, you’ll find curated resources and references from trusted sources to keep you in the know about the latest in COVID-19 evidence.

COVID-19 Provider Toolkit

This patient toolkit is intended for emergency medicine providers and the patients for whom they care. Share this with your newly diagnosed patients. It contains easy to download information and videos to help them understand COVID-19 infection, treatment, self-care, and care for others in their homes.

COVID-19 Patient Toolkit

NAM Action Collaborative

SAEM is a proud, inaugural sponsor of the  National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience — a network of more than 60 organizations formed in 2017 and committed to reversing trends in clinician burnout by raising the visibility of clinician anxiety, burnout, depression, stress, and suicide; improving baseline understanding of challenges to clinician well-being; and advancing evidence-based, multidisciplinary solutions to improve patient care by caring for the caregiver.

The Action Collaborative is composed of  five working groups that will meet over the course of four years to identify evidence-based strategies to improve clinician well-being at both the individual and systems levels. Products and activities of these five working groups include an online knowledge hub, a series of NAM Perspectives discussion papers, and an all-encompassing conceptual model that reflects the domains affecting clinician well-being. 

Clinician Well-Being Knowledge Hub

The Clinician Well-Being Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive resource repository for those seeking to promote clinician well-being at their organizations and in their personal lives.  Visit the knowledge hub.

Making The Case For The Chief Wellness Officer In America’s Health Systems: A Call To Action

Executive Leadership and Physician Well-being: Nine Organizational Strategies to Promote Engagement and Reduce Burnout

Implementing Optimal Team-Based Care to Reduce Clinician Burnout

More resources

SAEM Pulse Articles

SAEM Pulse, SAEM's digital magazine, consistently features articles on physician wellness and resilience. Check out our recent issues to learn more! 

AEM Journal

The Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM) Journal is the official publication of SAEM and publishes information relevant to the practice, educational advancements, and investigation of emergency medicine. There have been several articles and resources focusing on physician wellness that have been featured in the AEM Journal.

AEM Education and Training Journal

The AEM Education & Training Journal is a monthly publication that helps advance the science, education, and clinical practice of emergency medicine, serves as a voice for the academic emergency medicine community, and promotes SAEM's goals and objectives. It is the second-largest peer-reviewed scientific journal in the emergency medicine specialty. The AEM E&T Journal has featured several articles and resources highlighting physician wellness and resilience.