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Be part of the Annual Alliance, a community of academic emergency medicine leaders as they connect, network, and influence the future of emergency medicine. It's easy: donate online today or download the pledge form and your gift will help fund future researchers, educators, and leaders.


When you become an Annual Alliance donor, you not only contribute to advancements in emergency care but also unlock exclusive benefits that express our deepest thanks for your commitment. Some of the benefits most valued by Annual Alliance members are those they receive at the SAEM Annual Meeting - see below. A gift of any amount will lead to donor recognition.

A Special Thanks to Our Annual Alliance Donors

Annual Alliance Recognition

At a time when the life-saving importance of emergency medicine has never been more widely understood, less than one percent of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding supports research in the specialty. The COVID-19 pandemic shines a light on the need for expert, evidence-driven care in medical crises from the everyday to the epidemic and the quality of that care depends on the strength of the research that supports it.

The SAEM Foundation is our specialty's leader in funding research that empowers emergency physicians, saves lives, and improves outcomes for patients everywhere. At a time of great need, we're ready to make the largest research investment in our specialty's future. Take a look at this year's SAEMF Impact Report to learn more about how a donation to SAEMF can make a significant impact on emergency medicine's (EM) future by funding more EM research.

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