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Members of SAEM possess expertise in teaching, research and other aspects of academic emergency medicine practice. SAEM Consultation Services provides emergency medicine (EM) departments and institutions the opportunity to improve their practices by leveraging the expertise of accomplished SAEM committee and academy members. 

For more information about SAEM Consultation Services contact SAEM Headquarters.


SAEM consultations are aimed at developing, evaluating, or improving various services, which SAEM does through its committees and academies, or in consultation with the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM).

New! Research Consultations

We are now offering two research consultation services designed to provide guidance and expertise in building robust structures, refining processes, and implementing effective strategies to support scholarship and scholars within academic departments.

SAEM Research Consult Service - Federal Funding

SAEM's Research Consult Service - Federal Funding is designed to assist academic departments of Emergency Medicine looking to create or expand sustainable federally-funded research programs. Guided by leaders from the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM), this service is committed to assisting academic departments at various stages of development, including those that once had federally funded programs but are currently without such funding. In addition, this service aligns closely with the ambitious 2030 goals of increasing the number of emergency departments with federally funded research programs.

Key Focus Areas
  • Supporting NIH-funded Principal Investigators (PIs) and projects
  • Identifying opportunities for federal funding sources, including NIH, AHRQ, CDC, PCORI, ARPA-H, SAMSA, HRSA, DOD, and more
SAEM Research Consultation Service - General

The SAEM Consultation Services Research Consultation Subcommittee will provide support to academic departments seeking assistance with non-federal funding sources, such as industry and foundation-sponsored programs. Areas of expertise include – but are not limited to:

  • Establishing foundation or industry-sponsored research programs
  • Designing research-oriented fellowship or post-doctoral programs
  • Creating scholarship programs that meet the needs of resident learners and align with ACGME requirements
  • Developing infrastructure and processes to seamlessly integrate scholarship within faculty development

New! Operations Consultation

One of our newest services offers recommendations for day-to-day operations that can enhance your department's capability to provide high-quality educational and research programs. 

We will tailor the consultation based on your department's needs and can focus on a range of areas, including:

  • Data use/analysis
  • Matching capacity and demand – volume, acuity, and complexity
  • Physician retention
    • Schedule optimization
    • Incentive plans, reimbursement, and workload analysis in academic centers
  • Throughput/patient flow optimization
  • Change management
  • Alignment with groups outside of the ED
  • Learner integration strategies
  • Clinical research integration strategies
  • Managing patient experience in an academic setting
  • Meeting publicly reported quality metric goals
  • Workforce optimization
  • Physician/nursing alignment and integration

Residency Consultation (Two-day Consult)

Our residency consultation services may include:

  • New residency/fellowship program or recertification
  • Assist with and review Program Information Form (PIF)
  • Written report will be provided following PIF review and mock site visit

Fees include two consultants and administrative costs ($12,000+); additional costs for travel expenses are billed separately.

Academic Department Consultation (Two-day Consult)

This consultation assists EM divisions or departments to develop:

  • Department status 
  • Improvement in ED throughout, billing, quality, patient safety, etc.
  • Improvements in specific academic or clinical developments (research subspecialty development, etc.)

This consultation may include a site survey to assist the division regarding the potential/appropriate timetable for developing an academic department.  A written report is provided following consultation.

Fees include two AACEM consultants and administrative costs ($25,000+); additional costs for travel expenses are billed separately.

Faculty Development Consultations

SAEM supports the professional development of emergency medicine faculty and the efforts of department chairs and chiefs to establish successful faculty development programs at their home institutions. Toward that end, the Society offers to coordinate consultations in areas related to faculty development, provided by individuals with experience and expertise in those areas.

Learn more about Faculty Development Consultations

Ethics Consultation Services

If you are experiencing an ethical dilemma and would like guidance from the SAEM Ethics Committee, you can submit a consultation request online. The request can be made anonymously, and will only be seen by the chair of the Ethics Committee and staff.

Request an Ethics Consultation

For More Information

Other types of consultations are available and can be customized in partnership with your institution. Contact SAEM Headquarters to make a request or for more information about any of the currently offered consultations.