The David E. Wilcox, MD, FACEP Scholarship

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Introducing Two New Scholarships that Recognize Excellence in Research by RAMS Residents and Medical Students

SAEMF is grateful to David E. Wilcox, MD, FACEP for his visionary gift that has made it possible to offer this scholarship for a period of 15 grant cycles (2025-2039).

We are thrilled to announce a new distinguished scholarship opportunity for SAEMF RAMS Resident Research Grant and for SAEMF RAMS Medical Student Research Grant recipients, made possible by the visionary philanthropy of David E. Wilcox, MD, FACEP. Dr. Wilcox, a longtime leader and supporter of SAEMF, has consistently elevated our grant funding through his forward-thinking generosity. This new scholarship is another testament to his commitment to advancing emergency medicine (EM) research. Moreover, he plans to endow this scholarship through a tremendously generous legacy gift, ensuring its impact for generations to come.

This is truly transformational! Join us in extending our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Wilcox for his visionary philanthropy and unwavering support of EM research.

About the Scholarships

  • Selection: All applicants to the SAEMF RAMS Medical Student and Resident Grants will be automatically considered for this scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded to the highest scoring application for the SAEMF RAMS Medical Student and for the SAEMF RAMS Resident Research Grants, as identified by SAEMF and its Grants Committee. The recipients will be honored as The David E. Wilcox, MD, FACEP Scholars for that year.
  • Amount: Each scholarship is valued at $1,250 and should be used to supplement the grant awarded.
  • First Awards: The inaugural scholarships will be for the 2025-26 grant cycle. Start date is July 1, 2025.
  • For More Information: Contact for further details. Or, review the SAEM RAMS Medical Student and Resident Grants and apply!

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