Goals for SAEM’s DEI Curriculum

SAEM's Equity and Inclusion Committee has developed a new DEI curriculum with the following goals: 

  1. This content can be adapted for use in local departments based on local needs 
  2. Help provide structure for regular and recurring reflection, discussion, and awareness of DEI topics
  3. Demystify DEI definitions and terminology so that everyone can participate in DEI discussions
  4. Personalize DEI  issues by highlighting relevant case studies and discussion questions
  5. Prompt discussion of local issues and help foster local solutions
  6. Increase DEI engagement and spread the duties for presenting and discussing this material to ALL department members (not only those interested in DEI) by providing access to organized, easy-to use materials.

For each topic in the curriculum, we aim to present a collection of resources that can be used in a scalable manner to provide content for a wide range of needs, varying both in the target audience and in the time available for presentation.  From a 10- minute intro and discussion prompt at a departmental faculty meeting to an hour-long interactive learning session for residents and students, users can choose the resources that best fit their application and adapt and refine them as needed.