Career Development and Mentorship Committee

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The Career Development and Mentorship Committee focuses on mentoring across the education continuum. If you have questions or would like to join an CDEM committee, please email

Mentorship Program

The Executive Committee of CDEM is pleased to announce a new Mentorship Program. The creation of a mentoring program was essential for the growth and development of all CDEM members with a focus on new clerkship directors and medical student educators. The mentorship program will aspire to develop and provide resources, mentoring, and activities that support EM educators to transition to multiple roles in undergraduate medical education.



  • Mentee Eligibility: Any CDEM member in good standing may apply to be a mentee
  • Mentor Eligibility: Any CDEM member in good standing with greater than 3 years in a leadership position as a Medical Student Educator may serve as a mentor
  • Support and facilitate the professional development of CDEM members as they navigate and advance their careers
  • Provide a resource for CDEM Members who desire to learn more about Undergraduate Medical Student Education, Promotion and Tenure and/or an Academic Career in Medical Student Education
  • Provide an opportunity for established Medical Student Educators to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences with new CDEM members and educators
  • Enhance networking among new and established members of the Academy
Program Structure:

The mentorship will include a two-year commitment with a minimum of four meetings that will occur throughout the year. The CDEM career development and mentorship committee will match you with your mentor or mentee based on your responses to the survey.

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