Chair Mentorship


Chair Development Program

The AACEM Chair Development Program (CDP) is a leadership training initiative, now in its sixth year, designed to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of new and aspiring academic emergency medicine department chairs through skill development, advising, and mentorship. By creating more informed and capable chairs, we hope to improve patient care, education, and research in emergency medicine.

AACEM Chair Mentorship Program


  • Provide a resource for newly appointed chairs of academic departments of emergency medicine;
  • Provide an opportunity for established chairs to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences with developing chairs;
  • Enhance networking among new and established members of the Association;
  • Facilitate an on-site visit of either:
  • The mentor to the new chair's program, or
  • The new chair to the mentor's program;
  • Develop a library of potential issues and strategies to inform both new and established chairs.