Medical Education Portfolio

SAEM strives to provide emergency medicine educators with the tools they need to advance their careers in emergency medicine. This Medical Education Portfolio Template serves as a guide to assist educators with creating a developmental Educator Portfolio (EP) and is based on the work of Maryellen Gusic, MD, et al. of the Academic Pediatrics Association. It is designed to help you plan and reflect upon your career as an educator. It is not intended to be submitted as a "high stakes" EP for a promotion review.

The precise format, length, and content of a formal EP differ from institution to institution. Please seek guidance from your own institution on the format that they require. Most universities and medical schools have templates available for faculty to follow on their website.

Educator Portfolios are not used at every institution, and they are still  a "work in progress" at a national level, so the authors of these templates expect to make improvements in this developmental EP template over time.