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Diversity, Career Development, Sex and Gender, ADIEM Academy
Shifts, Scholarship, and Stuffed Animals: How Physician Moms Find Joy (ADIEM and AWAEM Sponsored)
Presenters: Adaira Landry, MD, MEd Mary R. C Haas, MD, MHPE Sree Natesan, MD FACEP Sophie …
Health Equity & Disparities, Global Health, GEMA Academy, ADIEM Academy
Building It Better: How to Cultivate Equitable International Academic Emergency Medicine Partnerships (GEMA and ADIEM Sponsored)
Presenters: Nikkole J. Turgeon, MD Stephanie C. Garbern, MD Katie Wells, MD, …
Career Development, Simulation Academy
Facilitation Complications: Mitigating Interpersonal Challenges in Small Group Learning (Simulation and Educational Research Interest Group Sponsored)
Presenters: Tina Chen, MD Julie C. Rice, MD, MSMS, FACEP Tiffany Moadel, MD Vivienne …
Career Development, Diversity, Operations/Quality Improvement, ADIEM Academy
Claim Your Seat: Leverage Your Unique Talents Like Women Leaders in Emergency Medicine(AWAEM and ADIEM Sponsored)
Presenters: Meagan R. Hunt, MD Kelly Bookman, MD Laura E. Walker, MD, MBA Tehreem …
Education, Diversity, Career Development, Sex and Gender, ADIEM Academy
TogetHER: Enhancing the Professional Development of Women Physicians Through Collaborative Initiatives (AWAEM and ADIEM Sponsored)
Presenters: Stacey Frisch, MD, MS-HPEd Riddhi Desai, DO Jennifer Love, MD Arlene S. …
Health Equity & Disparities, Social EM, Sex and Gender, Research Methods, ADIEM Academy
Future Directions in Violence Against Women Research (AWAEM, Social EM and Population Health, and Sex & Gender in EM Interest Group (SGEM) Sponsored)
Presenters: Rebecca Barron, MD, MPH Kim Stanford, MD, MPH Annette M. Dekker, MD, M Jennifer …
Career Development
The Road Well Travelled: Crafting Fulfilling Faculty Development and Career Growth for the Long Haul (AACEM and Faculty Development Committee Sponsored)
Presenters: Ramon W. Johnson, MD Marc Alan Borenstein, MD Mary Jo Wagner, MD Moira …
Career Development, Sex and Gender, AACEM Academy
Empowering Women in Emergency Medicine Leadership: A Journey Through Women's Leadership Timelines (AWAEM Sponsored)
Presenters: Laura E. Walker, MD, MBA Kathryn E. Redinger, MD Judy A. LInden, MD Hannah …