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The Evolution of SonoGames®

SonoGames was founded in 2012 by then AEUS president, Resa Lewiss, MD and Andrew Liteplo, MD. Creative nods also go to David Bahner, MD and Teresa Liu, MD whose brainstorming helped originate the concept. Why has it been such an impact on both #pocus and general education? Because we need an engaging way to get all graduates of all residencies up to a basic standard, while simultaneously educating many senior clinicians who did not grow up with #pocus during residency. What better way than to play some games?

In 2012, we had about 20 residencies. Now we have about 80, representing over half of all EM residencies in the country. What drives it? You. Every single resident and interested faculty member from junior to senior. The organizing committee spend hundreds of hours per year creating it, built by you and for you. As you make it grow, we grow as well. Check out the videos below and see more about our Organizing Committee!

SonoGames 2021


Round 1 Instructions


Mission:To create an amazingly awesome, creative, engaging 3 min video that teaches something about ultrasound

At least 3 residents (for international programs: junior / senior house officer level), but can include more. Please contact us for more questions. 


Fun fun fun! But also, these videos will be uploaded to AEUS’s Youtube Channel and show off your educational skills/originality to the world. 

How:There is no need to buy fancy AV equipment. Extremely high quality videos can be made with standard smartphones, tablets, webcams, zooms, and other equipment you are likely to already have. 



  • Submit videos as .mp4 files
  • Recommended: 1080p (1920 x 1980) or 720p (1280 x 720) 
  • We would not recommend using 2k or 4k settings, as this will quickly eat up your space and our file size limits.
  • File size should not exceed 800 MB. 
    • If it does, or if Youtube rejects it, there’s a chance that we’ll have to throw the submission out. 
  • When finished, email the video to . In this email, include your residency name. (work best if you send to us from a gmail account because it can handle larger file sizes). 
  • Complete the Round 1 Submission Form .

Tips for making a cool video: 

  • Be sure that no actual patients or Protected Health Information are visible in this film.
  • Plan content, create scripts, do dry runs and test audio before recording.
  • Minimize background noise / distractions 
  • If you need, here’s some free video editing software options: Quicktime (it’s usually already on all macs), Lightworks, VideoPad, HitFilm Express, VSDC Free Video Editor, OpenShot, Movie Maker 10, iMovie

Scoring will be based on: Topic, Content accuracy & quality, Composition, Quality of the teaching / presenting, and Creativity. 
Once the submission deadline has passed, videos may be open to public voting.  HAVE FUN!


Interested in sponsoring an upcoming SonoGames®?

Email us at