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The Evolution of SonoGames®

SonoGames was founded in 2012 by then AEUS president, Resa Lewiss, MD and Andrew Liteplo, MD. Creative nods also go to David Bahner, MD and Teresa Liu, MD whose brainstorming helped originate the concept. Why has it been such an impact on both #pocus and general education? Because we need an engaging way to get all graduates of all residencies up to a basic standard, while simultaneously educating many senior clinicians who did not grow up with #pocus during residency. What better way than to play some games?

In 2012, we had about 20 residencies. Now we have about 80, representing over half of all EM residencies in the country. What drives it? You. Every single resident and interested faculty member from junior to senior. The organizing committee spend hundreds of hours per year creating it, built by you and for you. As you make it grow, we grow as well. Check out the videos below and see more about our Organizing Committee!


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