Membership Categories

These unique opportunities are available only to AACEM members. The annual dues are $1,000.

Full Membership: 

Candidates for active membership shall be full, acting, or interim Chairs of Departments of Emergency Medicine in LCME or AOA-COCA accredited medical schools in the United States and Canada

Associate Membership:

Candidates for associate membership shall be one of the following:

  1. Director/Chief of a division/section of Emergency Medicine in a LCME or AOA_COCA accredited medical school in the United States or Canada, where the division or section is freestanding or part of another non-Emergency Medicine department.
  2. Director/Chief of Emergency Medicine at an AAMC member teaching hospital that serves as the principal designated institution of an ACGME or AOA - accredited residency program in Emergency Medicine.
  3. An associate member may petition the Membership Committee (see Article VII) to be recognized as an active member. A simple majority vote by the Membership Committee shall result in an affirmative recommendation to the Executive Committee for its consideration. The Membership and the Executive Committees shall consider, at a minimum, whether or not:
    1. The associate member’s responsibilities and authorities, including those related to human resources and fiscal matters, are such that his/her position is virtually indistinguishable from that of Chair;
    2. The track record of the associate member, and the academic unit for which he/she is responsible, in terms of scholarly productivity is consistent with that of an academic department of Emergency Medicine; and
    3. The associate member and his/her unit have substantial programmatic responsibility for education of both medical students and resident physicians.

International Membership: 

Candidates for International membership shall be individuals in teaching institutions outside of the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Candidates for international membership shall be full, acting, or interim Chairs of Departments of Emergency Medicine in medical schools, or their equivalent; or directors of divisions or sections of Emergency Medicine or their equivalent. Not more than one individual from any such institution shall be a candidate. The Executive Committee shall, by majority vote, determine eligibility of any candidate for international membership.

Emeritus Membership:

Candidates for emeritus membership shall be those individuals who have been active members for at least five (5) years and who are no longer serving as Chairs.

To Join:

Email: with your name, current title, type of membership you are seeking, and a current CV.