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Joe Pare, MD

Director of Ultrasound Research

Brown University & Lifespan Hospital System

What is your proudest ultrasound moment and/or save?

After publishing a paper on aortic root dilation and aortic dissection, a friend messaged me to share that he had detected an abnormal aortic root on a bedside ultrasound. This accelerated the patient's medical care and led to a swift transfer to surgery for a type A aortic dissection. 

Who is your emergency ultrasound hero, and what inspired you to choose them?

Vicki Noble is my emergency ultrasound hero. I admire her ability to break down complex ideas and thoughts into easily understandable and digestible dialogue. 

What do you predict will be the next significant development in emergency ultrasound?

I think the next significant development in emergency ultrasound is already here and we don’t know it yet. It revolves around the incorporation of emergency ultrasound into new billing rules and requirements to accurately capture the complexity of care provided by bedside physicians. Consequently, we can expect an expansion and use of billing for emergency ultrasound.

What's your next big career goal or aspiration?

NIH funding. 

What additional information would you like people to know about you?

I am currently conducting a multicenter study that utilizes AI software for quality assurance. In addition to examining the effects of emergency ultrasound billing on utilization, I am also investigating how new technologies contribute to the ongoing disruption of workflow and practice.

Past Faculty Spotlight Honorees


Tiffany Fong

Tiffany Fong, MD

Director, Division of Emergency Ultrasound

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Winner - AEUS Innovation Award

Tiffany Fong, MD is the Director of the Division of Emergency Ultrasound at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  She is a Californian turned 14-year Baltimorean who is enthusiastic about innovation in the POCUS education space and creating resources to make us all better and less overworked educators.  Her scholarly interests also include interspecialty POCUS collaborations, trainee assessment for US procedural guidance, and POCUS modeling to identify and assess trajectory of infectious diseases. She ran her first and second marathons this fall (Marine Corps and Philadelphia) and continues to ambulate on two legs.

Aalap Shah, MD 

Aalap Shah is a young faculty member to watch. He has recently completed fellowship in the spring of this year at the Medical University of South Carolina and was recently appointed as Assistant Professor in the MUSC Department of Emergency Medicine and he lives in Charleston with his wife and two kids. He has recently joined the AEUS leadership to promote scholarship in emergency ultrasound via the AEUS social media committee. I also received the EMF/ ACEP teaching fellowship scholarship award in 2019 and plan to complete the course in 2020. He has been developing web-based asynchronous educational content and a video series to supplement the resident intern curriculum and transform it into a more longitudinal experience. We are looking forward to what the rest of his career will bring!