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Emergency department providers and researchers are faced with the ongoing challenge to develop, evaluate and implement tools that will permit earlier, faster, and more reliable detection of patients with suspected infections such as sepsis and SARS-CoV-2. The rapid emergence of innovative and practice changing molecular diagnostic methods including host response markers, as well as innovative data science tools, offers enormous promise to improve ED triage, treatment and disposition decisions for these and many other infectious disease conditions, yet gaps remain.

This symposium will help bridge the gap between the current promise of emerging diagnostics with current practice and the future vision for these tools for improved diagnosis and management of patients with known/suspected infections in the emergency department. 

The two speaker/panelists are nationally recognized experts in the field and include:

  • Nathan Shapiro, MD, Professor, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Jeremiah Hinson, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Emergency Medicine

The co-chair/moderators from EMTIDE include:

  • Rich Rothman, MD, PhD, Professor, The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Emergency Medicine 
  • Larissa May, MD, MSPH, Professor, University of California-Davis, Department of Emergency Medicine

* EMTIDE (Emergency Medicine Transmissible Infectious Diseases and Epidemics) is a national network within SAEM of individual and practice settings with capacity to rapidly and efficiently mobilize emergency departments for early detection and response to transmissible infectious disease threats. 


SAEM gratefully acknowledges the following companies for their educational grants in support of this educational activity.

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