Advanced Research Methodology Evaluation and Design (ARMED)

Status: Applications Closed for 2023-2024 Class

SAEM is proud to bring you the best research course for junior faculty taught by leading experts in academic emergency medicine. The purpose of this course is to arm participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills to design a high quality research project and grant proposal to jumpstart their research career. Participants will also develop deeper ties and mentorship within the SAEM research community. The course is targeted to assist junior faculty within five years of graduation, fellows, and senior residents who are interested in pursuing a career in research.


Course Fee: $1450

Scholarships Available

Scholarships are available for SAEM's popular Advanced Research Methodology Evaluation and Design (ARMED) course and the ARMED MedEd course! Learn how to take your research career to the next level in traditional research areas and in education research including how to design a high quality research project.

Travel restrictions will be taken into consideration and virtual options will be considered. Course fees are not due until you are accepted into the programs.

Academy Scholarships

If you would like to be considered for one of the below scholarships, please check the box for your focus area on the application form. You must be a member of the academy to be eligible.

  • Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM)
  • Academy for Diversity & Inclusion in Emergency Medicine (ADIEM)
  • Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine (AGEM)
  • Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS)
  • Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM)
  • Global Emergency Medicine Academy (GEMA)
  • Simulation Academy
  • Residents and Medical Students (RAMS)

Residents and Medical Students (RAMS) Scholarships

SAEM seeks two enthusiastic fellows or senior residents who demonstrate early interest in pursuing a research-oriented career to attend the ARMED course in 2023-2024. In addition to a curriculum vitae and letter of support, submit a 1-page letter of intent discussing the applicant’s reasons for applying and a brief overview of the research topic they would like to present. 

Award: $1000 scholarship per awardee

Course Information

ARMED will guide you on the core principles to design high-quality research projects and obtain early career grant funding. The course includes three workshops and monthly webinars. The fall workshop focuses on research design fundamentals and provides introductory material on grant writing. The winter workshop is the most substantive part of the course and focuses on refinement of research design, academic career development, and mentoring. The final workshop is the grant writing workshop. Webinars supplement the workshops with presentations from national experts. Participants derive the most benefit from this course and its associated workshops if they have a research project (or topical area of interest) in mind.

  • Introduction to Research and Development of the Research Question
  • Study designs customized to your project ideas, such as cohort studies, trials, and qualitative studies
  • Statistical planning for your research
  • Power and sample size considerations for your project
  • Ethical and regulatory considerations
  • Grant Writing Resources
  • Career Development
  • Publication
  • Database Resources
  • Data Management
  • Mentorship


$1150 with travel and lodging paid by the participant. Tuition is not due until your application is accepted and you are invited to join the 2023-2024 class.


Each class of participants will have 10-20 members. Interested candidates must submit an application form by the deadline to be considered for the course. Even if you're unsure of your budget and travel restrictions, you can still apply now. Payment will not be due until you are accepted into the program.


This course is geared towards junior faculty members with a foundational knowledge of emergency care research. Fellows and senior residents with basic knowledge of research are also eligible to participate.


The 2023-2024 schedule will be updated as details are available.

September 2023 - May 2024

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the online lectures when they occur. Schedule below is subject to change. If necessary, live events may be converted to virtual events.

July 31, 2023Applications Due
August 15, 2023Course Participants Selected


September 19, 2023 

Kickoff Meeting & Online Lecture
October 9, 2023

Live Workshop
Philadelphia, PA

November 2023 - April 2024


Monthly Online Lectures


February 8-9, 2024

Live Workshop
Chicago, IL

May 14, 2024
8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Central)

Grant Writing Workshop
Phoenix, AZ



Faculty is comprised of experienced researchers in academic emergency medicine, including but not limited to:

  • Joseph Miller, MD, MS Henry Ford Health, Course Director
  • Danielle McCarthy, MD, MS Northwestern University, Course Director
  • D. Mark Courtney, MD, UT Southwestern
  • Deborah Diercks, MD, MSc, UT Southwestern
  • Amy Kaji, MD, PhD, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  • Phillip D. Levy, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAHA, FACC, Wayne State University
  • William Meurer, MD, University of Michigan
  • Paul Musey, MD, MSc, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Craig Newgard, MD, MPH, Oregon Health & Sciences University
  • David Schriger, MD, UCLA
  • Julianna Tolles, MD, MHS, Harbor-UCLA
  • Jody Vogel, MD, MSc, Stanford University
  • Robert Welch, MD, MS, Wayne State University
  • Kori Zachrison, MD, MSc, Massachusetts General Hospital


Questions? Contact, or Kayla Belec Roseen at