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AGEM Author Spotlight: Lucas Oliveira Junqueira e Silva, MD MS Department of Emergency Medicine at Mayo Clinic

Lucas Silva Feb

Lucas Oliveira J E Silva: REcognizing DElirium in geriatric Emergency Medicine: The REDEEM risk stratification score

Article Summary:
Delirium is an acute neuropsychiatric emergency that occurs in about 1 in 10 older adults presenting to the ED.  It is a condition often missed by emergency physicians because most episodes manifest as hypoactive delirium. In this observational study, we derived a risk stratification score that identifies older adults at high risk of having ED delirium. Screening every single geriatric patient who comes into the ED may not be feasible, and focusing efforts on those who are at high-risk of being delirious might be an efficient strategy for the successful implementation of delirium screening in ED settings.

Lucas Oliveira Junqueira e Silva, MD MS, is a physician-scientist who is about to start his emergency medicine residency in Brazil in 2022.  After finishing his 6-year medical school at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil), Dr. Silva completed a 3-year research fellowship in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Mayo Clinic Rochester. During this time, he completed a Masters in Clinical and Translational Science and his thesis included research projects aimed at improving the recognition of delirium in geriatric emergency medicine.  By following his passion about methods and evidence-based medicine, Dr. Silva also became a methodologist for the SAEM Guidelines for Reasonable and Appropriate Care in the Emergency Department (GRACE).   His research work now focuses on evidence-based emergency medicine, mostly through the development of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.  Dr. Silva has a special interest in geriatric emergency medicine and he has published observational studies and systematic reviews on topics like geriatric patient experience, ED recidivism for patients with dementia, and delirium.  He believes that research should be the most important driver of changes in clinical practice, and he is a strong advocate of more funding initiatives for ED-tailored clinical research.  

Twitter Handle: @lucasojesilva12