Meet the SAEMF Grantees: The Future of Academic Emergency Medicine Is Bright

2024 SAEMF Research Training Grant $300,000

Evangelia Murray, MD
Denver Health
"Comprehensive Emergency Department-based Social Needs Screening"

2024 SAEMF Research Large Project Grant - $150,000

Lauren K. Stewart, MD, MS
Trustees of Indiana University
"Targeting Metabolic Syndrome from the Emergency Department through Mixed-Methods"

2024 SAEMF Education Research Training Grant - $100,000

Vytas P. Karalius, MD, MPH, MA
Stanford University
"The Resident Unionization Study: A Qualitative Analysis of Drivers and Outcomes"

2024 SAEMF Emerging Infectious Disease and Preparedness Grant - $100,000

Torben K. Becker, MD, PhD, MBA
University of Florida Board of Trustees
"MotoMeds: Preventing Child Morbidity and Mortality from Infectious Diseases in Ghana"

2024 SAEMF Emerging Infectious Disease and Preparedness Grant - $99,106

Ravi V. Chacko, MD, PhD & Ryan McKillip, MD
Advocate Health Care Network
"Improving Antibiotic Stewardship for Urinary Tract Infections Using Machine Learning"

2024 SAEMF/ED Benchmarking Alliance Clinical Operations Research Grant - $50,000

Samita M. Heslin, MD, MBA, MPH, MA, MS
Stony Brook University
"Artificial Intelligence Augmented Emergency Department Triage"

2024 GEMSSTAR for Emergency Medicine Supplemental Funding Program - $25,000

Rachel M. Skains, MD, MSPH
University of Alabama at Birmingham
"Risk Factors and Time Course of Incident Delirium Among Older Adults in the Emergency Department (ED)"

2024 SAEMF ARMED Pilot Grant - $25,000

Leland Perice, MD
Rhode Island Hospital
"Ultrasound-guided Serratus Anterior Plane Block in ED Patients with Rib Fractures"

2024 SAEMF ARMED MedEd Pilot Grant - $25,000

Elizabeth J. Yetter, MD, MHPE
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
"Barriers and Motivators for High- vs. Low-utilizers of POCUS: A Mixed Methods Study

2024 SAEMF Education Project Grant - $20,000

Emily Chien, MD, MPH, MBA
Weill Cornell Medicine
"Evaluation of the Emergency Medicine Training Program at Aga Khan University Hospital"

2024 SAEMF NIDA Mentor-Facilitated Training Award - $12,000

Joan Chen, MD
Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine
"Community Paramedicine Interventions for People Who Use Drugs"

2024 SAEMF NIDA Mentor-Facilitated Training Award - $12,000

Kira Gressman, MD
University of Washington
"Establishing a Quality Framework for Post-Overdose Care and Harm Reduction in the Prehospital to Emergency Department Care Continuum in Seattle, King County, Washington"

2024 Medical Toxicology Foundation/SAEMF Toxicology Research Grant - $13,610

Simon J. Ostrowski, MD
University of Pittsburgh
"Feasibility of Assessing Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome with a Wearable Biosensor"

2024 SAEMF/AEUS Research Grant - $10,000 

Denise N. Fraga, MD
Atrium Health - Carolinas Medical Center - Wake Forest Baptist
"Pediatric Cranial Ultrasound for Point-of-Care Intracranial Pathology Detection"


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2024 SAEMF/AEUS Research Grant - $10,000 

Lynn P. Roppolo, MD
Integrative Emergency Services at Tarrant County Hospital District, JPS Health Network
"A Multi-center Trial to Determine eFAST Longitudinal Curves Using CUSUM Analysis

2024 SAEMF/GEMA Research Pilot Grant - $10,000

Megan Rybarczyk, MD, MPH
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Emergency Medicine
"Acute Coronary Syndrome in a Pakistan ED: Risk Factors and Clinical Pathway"

2024 SAEMF/ADIEM Research Grant - $6,000 

Ryan E. Tsuchida, MD
University of Wisconsin, Department of Emergency Medicine
"A Qualitative Case Study Analysis of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leaders in Emergency Medicine"

2024 SAEMF/AWAEM Research Grant - $5,000 

Joe-Ann Moser, MD, MS
The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
"Non-Promotable Task Completion by Emergency Medicine Chief Residents"

2024 SAEMF/Simulation Academy Novice Research Grant - $5,000

Kei U. Wong, MD
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
"High-risk, Low-frequency Pediatric Procedural Training: Simulation-based Pediatric Emergent Airway Curriculum for EM Residents"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Resident Research Grant - $5,000

Ashley P. Cohen, MD
University of Michigan
"Law Enforcement As a Bridge between Bystanders and EMS in Cardiac Arrest"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Resident Research Grant - $5,000

Marina Gaeta Gazzola, MD
New York University Grossman School of Medicine
"Enhancing Emergency Department Distribution of Drug Checking Tools"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Resident Research Grant - $5,000

Thomas K. Hagerman, MD
Henry Ford Health System
"Improving the Emergency Department Discharge Process for Older Adults: The GET HOME Safe Discharge Intervention"


Coming Soon

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Resident Research Grant - $5,000

Jane M. Hayes, MD, MPH
Mass General Brigham
"Policies and Practice for Prehospital Blood Transfusion in the United States"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Resident Research Grant - $5,000 

Rebecca A. Leff, MD
College of Medicine Mayo Clinic (Rochester)
"Implementation of a Multi-Tier Trauma Activation Protocol in Kumasi, Ghana"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Resident Research Grant - $5,000 

Carly Whittaker, DO, MPH
Memorial Healthcare System
"Sequential and Simultaneous Video Laryngoscopy-assisted Flexible Endoscopic Intubation"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Resident Research Grant - $4,045 

Pauline Wiltz, DO
University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center
"From Margins to Mainstream: Mapping Health Disparities in Obstetric Care in the Emergency Department"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Medical Student Research Grant - $2,500 

Elizabeth A. Abrams, MSPH
The Ohio State University
"Comparing Health Records and Self-Report Data to Target ED HIV Screening"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Medical Student Research Grant - $2,500 

Arthi Kozhumam, MScGH
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
"Child Passenger Safety and Associations with the Child Opportunity Index"

2024 SAEMF/RAMS Medical Student Research Grant - $2,500 

Michael Makutonin
The George Washington University
"Effects of Prolonged ED Length of Stay in Pediatric Psychiatric Crisis Patients"

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