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Fellowship Approval Program

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) recognizes there are many valuable non-ACGME-approved post-graduate training opportunities for EM residency graduates. In an effort to promote standardization of training for fellows, this program has been developed for eligible programs to earn the endorsement of SAEM as an approved fellowship. SAEM has developed guidelines for training programs that address milestones in curricular elements, faculty support recommendations, and career development opportunities. 

Fellows that complete an SAEM-approved fellowship are also considered by SAEM to have earned the standard qualifications and skills of an emergency medicine fellow in the specialized area of training. Fellows must enroll in the SAEM program and meet the stated requirements in order to be considered approved. Fellows will receive a certificate of approval upon completion. 

Consultation Services

Members of SAEM possess expertise in teaching, research and other aspects of academic emergency medicine practice. The Society is often called upon to provide individuals, departments or institutions with consultations aimed at developing, evaluating, or improving various services, which it does through its committees and academies, or in consultation with the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM).

COVID-19 Resources

This compilation of resources is meant to provide knowledge to emergency care physicians fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Disclaimer: SAEM does not imply endorsement of the products, resources, or information linked to this page.

Code of Conduct for Interactions with Companies

This code reinforces the core principles that help maintain actual and perceived independence to ensure that a Society's interactions with Companies will be for the benefit of patients and members and for the improvement of care in our respective specialty fields.