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Annual Meeting Content

SAEM Annual Meeting presentations – in open access format – plus other FOAMed educational content sorted by topic.

DEI Resource Library

An online resource library of publications for emergency physicians to learn more about achieving health equity and eliminating health disparities

CDEM Curriculum

The content is designed to help medical students rotating in EM understand the basic core content that is pertinent to EM. 


SAEM Medical Student Online Testing Service, developed in collaboration with the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) - an Academy of SAEM.

COVID-19 Education

The SAEM COVID-19 Provider Toolkit for emergency care providers gives you just what you need to know now to make the right decisions for your COVID-19 patients. Helpful references guide you through important conversations with your newly diagnosed patients. Plus, you’ll find curated resources and references from trusted sources to keep you in the know about the latest in COVID-19 evidence.

The patient toolkit is intended for emergency medicine providers and the patients for whom they care. Share this with your newly diagnosed patients. It contains easy to download information and videos to help them understand COVID-19 infection, treatment, self-care, and care for others in their homes.