SAEM Online Academic Resources (SOAR) is SAEM's home for online education. SAEM offers a variety of educational resources for all aspects of academic emergency medicine. With online education, you can take your learning anywhere, anytime. Whether you are looking to earn CME credit or sharpen your skills in a specialized area of your practice, SOAR provides the resources you need to advance in the academic emergency medicine specialty. 

Online Education by Topic

2020 SAEM Annual Meeting presentations – in open access format – plus other FOAMed educational content sorted by topic.

FOAMed Resources

Various links to website, blogs, podcasts, and videos, which feature open access medical education. 

Academy Open Access Education Resources

Shared open access links courtesy of SAEM Academies.

Faculty Development

A series of MedEd Bootcamp videos focused on practical basics of adult learning theory and how to apply those principles to didactic and clinical teaching interventions.


A library of various downloadable curriculum from SAEM sources.


SAEM Medical Student Online Testing Service, developed in collaboration with the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) - an Academy of SAEM.