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An Academy provides a venue for SAEM members with a special interest or expertise to join together in order to:

  1. Promote a forum for the exchange of information among members in line with SAEM's mission to advance education and research in Emergency Medicine.
  2. Provide the SAEM Board of Directors (BOD) with the ability to utilize the expertise of an identifiable group on specific issues.
  3. Provide a forum for members to speak as a unified voice to the SAEM BOD as well as to other national organizations within their scope of special interest or expertise.
  4. Provide a forum for members to network, collaborate on educational initiatives, develop policy, perform research, and provide faculty development pertaining to their area of special interest or expertise.

Each SAEM Academy has a unique and powerful voice within emergency medicine. SAEM members who wish to learn more or have a greater impact in one of these specialty areas are encouraged to join our Academies.

SAEM Academy Governance Guidelines

View the SAEM Academy Governance Guidelines

Interest Groups

Interest Groups provide a mechanism for members of the Society interested in a specific topic or area to meet, share ideas and network in a relatively unstructured and informal fashion. Interest Groups generally conduct business electronically and may meet in person at the Annual Meeting. Members wanting to explore a specialty area are encouraged to join our interest groups.

SAEM Foundation

The mission of the SAEMF is to improve emergency patient care through supporting the development of innovative researchers, expert educators and future academic emergency medicine leaders. Unlike other emergency medicine organizations, our Foundation supports the people with the most promise and the greatest potential to impact emergency care over the course of their career.

When you donate to the SAEMF, you are making a charitable gift to support promising academicians. SAEM Foundation awards close to $700,000 a year in grants to SAEM members to help them develop the skills they need to further the specialty and improve emergency patient care. All donations received are used to support these valuable grants, and to ensure a rich and robust field of scientists and educators that will continue to advance our specialty for years to come. A gift to SAEMF is an investment in the future of academic emergency medicine and a payment forward for all the support you received from mentors in your career.


SAEM Residents and Medical Students (RAMS) provides a forum for emergency physicians-in-training to have a voice within the academic community. There are many opportunities for residents and students to get involved in research, education, and leadership within emergency medicine, and to advocate for the unique needs of emergency medicine trainees.