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The GEMSSTAR (Grants for Early Medical/Surgical Specialists' Transition to Aging Research) is an R03 award from the National Institute on Aging is intended to provide support for early stage clinician-scientists who have recently completed their clinical training in any medical or surgical specialty to establish a track record in aging research in their specialty area. The award currently provides $100,000 annually in direct costs for 2 years. Many emergency physicians have previously held or currently hold this award.



2022 - Ari Friedman, MD, PhD

Trajectories of Frailty and Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults


2022 – Anita Chary, MD

Identifying Implementation Strategies for Emergency Department (ED) Delirium Screening in Older Adults


2021 – Cameron Gettel, MD

Development and validation of the Patient-Reported Outcome Measure - Older adult care Transitions from the Emergency Department (PROM-OTED) tool


2019 – Katie Buck, MD

Improving Diagnostic Accuracy for Older Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Pneumonia: The Role of Diagnostic Criteria and Novel Antimicrobial Peptides


2016 – Scott Dresden, MD

Effects of a Dedicated Nurse Liaison Intervention for Geriatric Patients in the Emergency Department


2015 – Kevin Munjal, MD MPH

Transport PLUS: Improving Transitions of Care By Adding Value to Routine Patient Transports


2014 – Tony Rosen, MD MPH

Improving Recognition of Elder Abuse through Analysis of Highly Adjudicated Cases


2014 – Christina Shenvi, MD PhD

Pilot trial of ED intervention and referral for alcohol misuse in older adults


2011 - Maura Kennedy, MD, MPH   

Assessment of Emergency Department Patients Who Develop Delirium after Hospital Admission           


2009 - Adit Ginde, MD, MPH

Vitamin D Supplementation and Acute Respiratory Infection in Older Nursing Home Residents  


2009 - Jesse Pines, MD, MBA, MSCE

The Effect of Emergency Department Overcrowding on Delirium in Older Adults


2008 - Jeremiah Schuur, MD, MHS  

Developing Emergency Department Quality of Care Indicators for Community Dwelling Elders 


2007 - Brian J. Blyth, MD,    

Pharmacologic Stabilization of HIF-1 for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease    


2007 - Jeffrey Caterino, MD 

Predictors of Clinical Course in Infected ED Elders


2006 - Christopher Carpenter, MD    

Non-Traumatic, Acute Abdominal Pain in ED Elderly, A Series of Systematic Reviews and A Clinical Consensus Conference


2006- Fredric Hustey, MD    

The Use of a Computerized System to Improve Information Transfer During Patient Transition from Skilled Nursing Facilities to the Emergency Department     


2006 - Benjamin Sun, MD, MPP       

Identification of "Low Risk" Older Patients with Syncope


2005- Ula Hwang, MD, MPH

Geriatric Pain Management in the Emergency Department (ED) Setting


2004 - Kevin Terrell, DO      

Computer-Assisted Decision Support to Increase the Safety of Prescribing to Older Adults in the Emergency Department    


2003 - Manish N. Shah, MD 

Pre-hospital Screening to Prevent Injuries and Illness


2003 - Scott T. Wilber, MD  

Prediction of Short-Term Functional Decline and Service Needs in Older ED Patients      


2002- Kennon Heard, MD     

Acute Drug Toxicity in Elderly Patients: A National Study of Overdoses, Adverse -Drug Reactions and Poisoning


2002 - Stephen Meldon, MD 

An ED-Based Falls Prevention Screening and Referral Program