Name of ResourceDescriptionCostLink
Global Health Ethics Student Curriculum by AMSAGH ethics for medical students and faculty.  Curriculum of 1.5 hours. FreeAMSA
Global Emergency Medicine Literature ReviewReview of articles and publications related to international EM; annual publicationFreeGEMLR
E-learning Resources for Global Health ResearchersNIH and NIH-supported e-learning resources. Many organizations offer no- and low-cost e-learning resources to those working in the field of global health research. Resources include training courses, MOOCs and course materials (presentations, videos, reading lists, visual aids, articles), resource centers and resource networks.  FreeNIH
Ethics Dumping Case Studies from North-South Research CollaborationsA unique, up-to-date source book for case studies in exploitative North-South research collaborations.FreeeBook
A Global Health Research Checklist for cliniciansInternational Journal of Emergency Medicine article FreeNCBI

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