Introducing SAEMF's New RAMS Challenge

This Challenge Is So Important! 

Through our generous donors, including RAMS members, SAEM Foundation (SAEMF) aims to award close $1M in grants to SAEM and RAMS members for their research and education projects each year. Help us do the same this year by showing RAMS support research!

Become A RAMS Challenge Donor 

  • Contribute at least $10 between January 1 and May 17, 2024

  • Donate at 

  • Or, email us to pledge now/pay later (staff will email you a reminder to donate by December 31)

Challenge Donor Recognition

  • You will receive a special RAMS Challenge Donor wristband at SAEM24

  • Your name will be included on the SAEM24 Donor display/donor wall, on, and across SAEM/RAMS communication channels.

Thank You to SAEMF's 2024 RAMS Challenge Donors

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Stephanie Balint
  • Alison Bonner, MD
  • Emily (Ly) Cloessner, MD, MSPH
  • Aaron D'Amore, MD
  • John Dickens, MD, MBA
  • Lauren Diercks
  • Hart L. Edmonson, MD
  • Hamza Ijaz, MD
  • Juliet Jacobson, MD
  • Daniel N. Jourdan, MD, NRP
  • Mit Patel, MD
  • Genevieve Pentecost, MD
  • Giovanni Rodriguez, MD
  • Sara Schulwolf

As of June 4, 2024

We can’t wait to recognize our RAMS Donors who are paying it forward to the next generation of emergency care research and education leaders through this new SAEMF RAMS Challenge.

Why Accept the RAMS Challenge?

  • 100% of your gift funds EM research and education grants!
  • We offer 2 dedicated RAMS research grants each year!
  • RAMS donors inspire other SAEM members to donate!
  • Your gift to this Challenge helps any SAEM group to which you belong move up the rankings in the SAEMF Challenge