Career Roadmap: Chairs

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Leadership Opportunities


  • AACEM Chair Mentorship Program - Provide a resource for newly appointed chairs of academic departments of emergency medicine to receive mentorship from experienced chairs
  • Chair Development Program (CDP) - A leadership training initiative designed to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of new and aspiring academic emergency medicine department chairs through skill development, advising, and mentorship. By creating more informed and capable chairs, we hope to improve patient care, education, and research in emergency medicine


  • AACEM/AAAEM Annual Retreat - Join the Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine (AACEM) and the Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM) at the Annual AACEM/AAAEM Retreat. In addition to impactful and cutting-edge programming, attendees will enjoy plenty of time to catch up with colleagues and relax in paradise
  • SAEM Annual Meeting - The SAEM Annual Meeting offers something for everyone from seasoned faculty to medical students just starting their careers. Featuring cutting-edge research from the best minds in academic EM, expert educational content from world-class faculty, workshops that strengthen knowledge and skills in specific topic areas, energetic experiential learning competitions, and expansive networking events and career development opportunities to take your career to the next level


  • AACEM Annual Dinner - Join your colleagues and fellow chairs in emergency medicine for an evening of dinner, networking, and socializing
  • SAEM Foundation Dinners - Enjoy a fabulous four-course meal with local colleagues at the top-rated restaurants in your city
  • SAEM Academies - Eight specialized groups for networking around specific topics
  • SAEM Committees - Volunteer workgroups for SAEM organizational objectives
  • SAEM Interest Groups - Dozens of specialized interest groups to network informally
  • SAEM Online Communities - Participate in discussion boards of topics in your interest area
  • AWAEM/ADIEM Luncheon - Network with old friends and new at the SAEM Annual Meeting
  • LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program - Provides career advice, for coming out at work or in medicine, education, research, and/or clinical concerns

Scholarships & Awards

Curriculum/Educational Resources

  • Benchmark Survey - Contains information regarding how to complete, review and manage your responses to the AAAEM/AACEM Benchmark Survey
  • EM Job Link - connects members to job opportunities in EM
  • SOAR - Library of previous events, publications, education content and related items for access
  • Directories - Interactive map with location and contact information for all US-based emergency medicine clerkships, residencies, and fellowships
  • NAM Action Collaborative & SAEM Wellness Resources - Network of more than 60 organizations committed to reversing trends in clinician burnout, includes an online knowledge hub, a series of NAM Perspectives discussion papers, and an all-encompassing conceptual model that reflects the domains affecting clinician well-being
  • ADIEM DEI Curriculum - High-quality, organized DEI resources that are curated for use in Emergency Medicine
  • Ethics Curriculum - A resource made available through the Global Emergency Medicine Academy (GEMA)
  • Consultation Services - To provide individuals, departments or institutions with consultations aimed at developing, evaluating, or improving various services, which it does through its committees and academies, or in consultation with the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM)
  • Fellowship Approval Program - SAEM has developed guidelines for fellowship training programs that address milestones in curricular elements, faculty support recommendations, and career development opportunities
  • ADIEM DEI Resource Library - Online resource library of publications for emergency physicians to learn more about achieving health equity and eliminating health disparities
  • ADIEM LGBT Curriculum - Comprehensive curriculum for LGBT health
  • AEUS Narrated Lecture Series - Online ultrasound curriculum for emergency physicians in training
  • Research Learning Series - Recorded lectures, panel discussions, and podcasts featuring valuable research content delivered by experts
  • Podcasts - Features popular series like the RAMS “Ask a Chair” podcast
  • Webinars - Provides learners the opportunity to expand on areas of expertise and tackle critical topics in emergency medicine
  • AEUS Image Bank - Free ultrasound images for SAEM members to download and use for educational purposes
  • Journal Clubs – Network with colleagues while discussing the latest journal articles
  • AGEM Geriatric EM Journal Club - Journal Club on important topics in caring for older adults
  • AEUS "Probing the Literature" Journal Club - for anyone who loves emergency medicine, ultrasound, or both
  • AWAEM Letter Writers Bureau - Find an experienced letter-writer for your academic promotion
  • AEUS Asynchronous Ultrasound Curriculum - designed to provide a quick-to-implement virtual ultrasound rotation for novice and beginner learners of point-of-care ultrasound
  • GRACE - addresses the best practices for the care of the most common chief complaints that can be seen on the tracking board of any emergency department in the country, based upon research and expert consensus
  • Speakers Bureaus – Find a speaker that matches your needs
    • ADIEM ACED-IT Speakers Bureau - This resource provides a list of experts in speaking on specific topics such as racism in medicine, microaggressions, implicit bias, and creating a welcoming environment that residencies, hospitals, and community organizations may be interested in hearing about
    • AWAEM Speakers Bureau


  • AEM Journal - Official flagship journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)
  • AEM Education and Training (E&T) Journal - Newest SAEM journal dedicated to publishing information relevant to education and training in emergency medicine
  • Reason for Research - Comprehensive guide for medical students, residents, and junior faculty who may be interested in pursuing an academic career in emergency medicine research
  • AWAEM Toolkit - Digital guide that offers advice and resources for the challenges and opportunities which arise for women in academic emergency medicine
  • SAEM Pulse - SAEM’s member magazine published every other month with articles relevant to academic emergency medicine
  • SAEM Weekly - Weekly e-newsletter of current EM news, trending articles, and "need to know" SAEM information, including grant opportunities, upcoming events, and helpful resources
  • SAEM Membership Guide - Highlights programs, services, and opportunities the Society offers its members