Career Roadmap: Medical Students

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Leadership Opportunities


  • Medical Student Symposia - day-long session at SAEM Annual Meeting about applying for an EM residency position
  • X Waiver Training - get prepared to manage patients with opioid use disorder with this virtual course



  • Residents and Medical Students (RAMS)- networking community for all resident and medical student members of SAEM 
  • RAMS Board - Medical student and resident positions are available annually
  • SAEM Academies - eight specialized groups for networking around specific topics
  • SAEM Committees - volunteer workgroups for SAEM organizational objectives 
  • SAEM Interest Groups - dozens of specialized interest groups to network informally
  • SAEM Online Communities - participate in discussion boards of topics in your interest area 
  • RAMS Party -  SAEM Annual Meeting’s largest party for EM trainees
  • Residency and Fellowship Fair - live and virtual events to meet with programs across the country 
  • AWAEM/ADIEM Luncheon - network with old friends and new, explore common interests and issues, and learn about the hottest topics in emergency departments
  • LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program - provides career advice, for coming out at work or in medicine, education, research, and/or clinical concerns
  • Speed Mentoring - small groups of 5-10 attendees who share interests for quick-fire, 10-minute mentoring sessions
  • Cocktails with Chairs - EMRA and SAEM RAMS host an informal virtual discussion with EM Department Chairs to give insight to trainees 

Grants and Awards

Curriculum/Educational Resources

  • SOAR - Library of previous events, publications, education content and related items for access
  • SAEMTests - Free Online Testing Service for Medical Students
  • CDEM Curriculum - Content designed to help medical students rotating in EM understand the basics
  • CDEM Medical Student Presentations - Demonstrates how to tell a compelling story when presenting a patient’s case
  • CDEM Effective Consultation in Emergency Medicine - Video featuring the 5Cs of Consultation as a validated model for standardizing communication and provides illustrative examples of effective consultation for both medical students and residents
  • CDEM Transfer of Care - Video providing an overview of effective transitions of care within the emergency department and features the I-PASS mnemonic
  • Directories - Interactive map with location and contact information for all US-based emergency medicine clerkships, residencies, and fellowships
  • NAM Action Collaborative & SAEM Wellness Resources - Network of more than 60 organizations committed to reversing trends in clinician burnout, includes an online knowledge hub, a series of NAM Perspectives discussion papers, and an all-encompassing conceptual model that reflects the domains affecting clinician well-being
  • ADIEM DEI Resource Library - Online resource library of publications for emergency physicians to learn more about achieving health equity and eliminating health disparities
  • ADIEM How to Be a Successful EM Applicant Series - Eight-part webinar series for students applying in EM
  • ADIEM LGBT Curriculum - Comprehensive curriculum for LGBT health
  • AEUS Narrated Lecture Series - Online ultrasound curriculum for emergency physicians in training
  • Research Learning Series - Recorded lectures, panel discussions, and podcasts featuring valuable research content delivered by experts
  • Podcasts - Features popular series like the RAMS “Ask a Chair” podcast
  • Webinars - Provides learners the opportunity to expand on areas of expertise and tackle critical topics in emergency medicine
  • AEUS Image Bank - Free ultrasound images for SAEM members to download and use for educational purposes
  • Journal Clubs – Network with colleagues while discussing the latest journal articles
  • AWAEM Letter Writers Bureau - Find an experienced letter-writer for your academic promotion


  • SAEM Membership Guide - Highlights programs, services, and opportunities the Society offers its members
  • RAMS Roadmaps - Provides guidance to the second-year medical student looking to get into residency for EM
  • SAEM Pulse - SAEM’s member magazine published every other month with articles relevant to academic emergency medicine
  • SAEM Weekly - Weekly e-newsletter of current EM news, trending articles, and "need to know" SAEM information, including grant opportunities, upcoming events, and helpful resources
  • Reason for Research - Comprehensive guide for medical students, residents, and junior faculty who may be interested in pursuing an academic career in emergency medicine research
  • AWAEM Toolkit - Digital guide that offers advice and resources for the challenges and opportunities which arise for women in academic emergency medicine
  • AEM Journal - Official flagship journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)
  • AEM Education and Training (E&T) Journal - Newest SAEM journal dedicated to publishing information relevant to education and training in emergency medicine