Research Fellowship

Institution Application

Approval of an Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship program is contingent on a review of the institutional environment, academic productivity of prior graduates and of current members of the research team, and the proposed curriculum for future fellows. All approved institutions must have an ACGME-approved residency program in place, and must meet the criteria as set forth in the Research Fellowship Program RFA.

  • Application fee is $400 for the first 3-year cycle. The renewal application fee is $500 and applications are approved for a 5-year period. Please make check payable to "SAEM" and reference "Research Fellowship Application."
  • Checks can be mailed to: SAEM, 1111 East Touhy Ave, Suite 540, Des Plaines, IL 60018 or faxed using the credit card form [pdf] to (847) 813-5450.

Next Application Deadline: March 31, 2019

Renewal Applications

You may submit your program renewal application online. Renewal fees are $500 for a five-year approval period. 

Fellow Registration

To register a fellow from an SAEM-approved site, please complete the Fellow Registration Form [doc]. Fellows must be members of SAEM to register.

Progress Report

Registered fellows will need to submit an annual Fellow Progress Report Form [doc].

Final Report

Upon completion of an SAEM-approved research fellowship, registered fellows must complete the Final Report [doc] along with a copy of his/her transcript in order to obtain the certificate of approval.

Report Deadline: September 1

Current Approved Research Fellowship Programs

View all SAEM-approved fellowship programs in the Fellowship Directory by searching by category "Research-SAEM approved".