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Are you thinking about a career in Academic Emergency Medicine? Need help navigating this complex path in residency? Here’s a primer to get you started:


A career in Academic Emergency Medicine means that you work primarily within an academic/ teaching institution. In addition to focusing on clinical practice, you will also be responsible for education, research or administration. To make room for these additional activities, clinical hours are often reduced. Academic EM physicians tend to have an “academic niche,” or a specific area of interest in which they strive for leadership and advancement. This is in contrast to working within a community or non-teaching institution, where physicians focus primarily on clinical practice (seeing patients).

For more information, please see:

EMRA Guide to an Academic EM Career

Emergency Medicine Career Choice: A Profile of Factors and Influences from the AAMC Graduation Questionnaires from the SAEM Journal of Academic Emergency Medicine


SAEM has a specific mission to advance academic Emergency Medicine. Because of this, we have a stronger research focus than the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), who has a broader mission to advocate for all of Emergency Medicine in general. While SAEM has a similar teaching/education focus as the Council of Emergency Medicine Directors (CORD), the academic mission is not limited to residents, and extends to medical students as well as fellows, junior faculty, and any physician in pursuit of career development.


SAEM provides a national stage. Participation in SAEM’s Annual Meeting can disseminate your research nationwide. You may not feel that you qualify as an expert yet at this point in your training, but your voice as a resident is critical for issues affecting physicians nationwide including burnout, wellness, medical education, professionalism, career development, and many others. SAEM also offers numerous opportunities to meet leaders in Academic Emergency Medicine from around the country, as well as opportunities to connect with residents from other institutions that share your concerns and interests.

SAEM can help you become a leader in Academic Emergency Medicine. It’s never too early to get involved! SAEM offers opportunities to participate in SAEM committees, assist in the organization and execution of SAEM’s Annual Meeting, work directly with current leaders in Academic Emergency Medicine, and advocate for your fellow residents.

SAEM offers many outstanding educational resources and networking opportunities to explore your interests in academia. These include participation in SAEM Interest Groups and Academies that focus on specific niches in Academic Emergency Medicine, access to SAEM didactics and workshops specifically tailored to resident interests, and vital resources such as the SAEM Fellowship Catalog.


First, check with your Residency Director or Program Coordinator to see if your institution offers discounted membership or automatic enrollment during your residency. To become a SAEM member, register here.

Want to Get Involved in SAEM During Residency?

It’s never too early or late to participate! While most residents are only familiar with SAEM by presenting abstracts or attending workshops at the Annual Meeting, there is actually ample opportunity for residents to become involved in the SAEM leadership, contribute to Annual Meeting organization and content, generate educational resources for residents around the country, and give a voice to your peers.  


The Resident & Student Advisory Committee (RSAC)

RSAC is the voice of the resident and student members of SAEM, and works with other SAEM committees and faculty to represent the needs and goals of Emergency Medicine trainees pursuing academic careers. RSAC looks for residents to either lead or participate in subcommittees every year. Projects include the promotion of mentorship in EM, creating educational content and social events for residents and students at the SAEM Annual Meeting, and authoring resident-driven publications and guides on behalf of SAEM. Because RSAC is led by residents and students, there is lots of flexibility to contribute your own ideas and introduce innovations. To join the RSAC, please contact the RSAC Co-Chairs to state your interest. Residents at all training levels and institutions are welcome!

Other SAEM Committee Appointments

SAEM welcomes and appreciates resident participation in our many SAEM Committees and Task Forces. Projects range in everything from member recruitment to research to organization of the SAEM Annual Meeting. Participation in an SAEM Committee provides a unique opportunity to work with leading academicians from around the country. The SAEM Committee appointment process for residents takes place each Winter, and all appointments last for one year. You can see the objectives and activities of each SAEM Committee here.

SAEM Interest Groups in Academic Emergency Medicine

SAEM has multiple Academic Emergency Medicine Interest Groups that welcome active resident participation. These include Critical Care, Disaster Medicine, Operations, Ultrasound, and many more. By joining an interest group, you will have the opportunity to network with academic leaders and educators in your area of interest. When you join SAEM as a resident, you have the option of selecting one interest group to join for free. Membership in additional groups is $25 per group.

Resident Member of the SAEM Board of Directors

There is a rare opportunity for one resident to serve as a full voting member of the SAEM Board of Directors for a one-year term. Candidates should demonstrate a strong interest and commitment to academic emergency medicine and must be a resident during their entire anticipated term on the Board. The resident Board member attends three SAEM Board meetings and participates in monthly Board conference calls. Nominations for the Resident Member of the Board of Directors are accepted in January each year. Candidates submit a statement of interest and a CV. Typically, two candidates are selected by the Nominating Committee to stand for election. The election is held during the spring with the appointee to begin duties at the SAEM Annual Meeting in May of the same year.


The Resident & Fellowship Fair at the SAEM Annual Meeting

This event is organized every year at the SAEM Annual Meeting. It is available to all residents and students at any level of training, and provides trainees with the opportunity to meet with representatives from residency and fellowship programs throughout the country. To attend the Resident and Fellowship Fair, please register for the event as part of the SAEM Annual Meeting.  

The Chief Resident Forum at the SAEM Annual Meeting

This event organized every year at the SAEM Annual Meeting. This program is intended for resident leaders in Academic Emergency Medicine, including emerging junior leaders, chief residents, and those interested in leadership in EMS/HEMS, EM research, EM education, and EM administration. The Chief Resident Forum is designed to enable the emerging junior EM leadership in our field to engage with the established senior leadership. Residents attending this event will have the opportunity to discuss a roadmap to leadership in EM, develop leadership and communication skills; and learn to overcome leadership challenges while maintaining wellness. To attend the Chief Resident Forum as a resident leader, please register for the event as part of the SAEM Annual Meeting. To assist in the planning and organization of the Chief Resident Forum, please contact the SAEM Program Committee.

Resident Authors for the SAEM PULSE, the SAEM Newsletter

SAEM is always looking for new resident authors to offer fresh perspectives on Academic Emergency Medicine in our bimonthly newsletter, Pulse. Any topic regarding resident life, medical education, or clinical pearls and advice are welcome. You can see previous issues of the SAEM Newsletter here. If you are interested in submitting an article or want to discuss a topic of interest, please contact the RSAC Co-Chairs.

Resident Awards Presented at the SAEM Annual Meeting

Resident Visual Diagnosis Contest Winner (1st and 2nd places are recognized)
Best Resident Award

SAEM Academy Resident Awards

AWAEM Resident Award
AEUS Resident Research Award: Nominations are not yet open for submission.

SAEM Resident Grants

The SAEM/ACMT Michael P. Spadafora Toxicology Scholarship


The Fellowship Application Process

The SAEM Fellowship Directory

The EMRA Fellowship Directory

The AEM/CCMPD Emergency Medicine Critical Care Medicine (EM-CCM) Fellowship Directory

The EUS Ultrasound Fellowship Directory

The Job Application Process

The SAEM CV Handbook authored by the SAEM Research Committee provides a step-by-step guide to building a great academic CV.

SAEM Careers
has a portal for job seekers that includes career listings around the country.

CORD’s Advice for New Graduates
compiled by Dr. Stephen Hayden

Succeeding as an Academic Resident

The Resident Call Room podcast by Hippo EM discusses important (and not often discussed) issues regarding resident wellness, fellowships, research, and many more at academic institutions.

ACEP’s Emergency Care Research: A Primer
 includes detailed advice from the ACEP Research Committee regarding how to pick a topic, find a mentor, write a grant, and avoid the pitfalls of EM research for beginners.

Thoughts on Scholarly Activity
by Dr. Rita Cydulka

Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Residency by Dr. Michael S. Beeson

Preparing a Didactic Presentation
 by Dr. Carey D. Chisholm

Preparing a Morbidity & Mortality Conference
by Dr. Debra Houry and Dr. Michael Gibbs

Mentoring Medical Students in Academic Emergency Medicine
by Dr. Gus Garmel

Recommended Clinical Resources (Free, Discounted, or with Resident Package)

EB Medicine publishes clinical education content at both the resident and attending level, and has excellent PDF summaries of major bread-and-butter EM topics as well as innovations and controversies. Residents get this for free. See here for more info.

ALiEM’s 52 Articles in 52 Weeks - 2016 Edition is an excellent compilation of the 52 most high-yield and relevant research publications for residents learning Emergency Medicine.

EM:RAP is one of the leading Emergency Medicine podcasts in the country. If you are a member of EMRA, you can access it for free through their website here.

Hippo EM by the makers of EM:RAP has a Resident Package with videos, a question bank, and PDF summaries of everything you need to know for the in-service exam. If you are a member of EMRA, you can access it for a discounted price through their website here.

RoshCast is a free podcast created by the makers of Rosh Review, which comes with a price tag.

Recommended Question Banks for In-Service Review

Rosh Review

True Learn


Check with your institution to see if you can get full access to these Qbanks at a discounted rate.

The Top 15 FOAM Resources for Academic Emergency Medicine

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM)

Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL)


The Skeptics' Guide to Emergency Medicine (SGEM)

Emergency Medicine Literature of Note

Rational Evidence-Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine (REBEL EM)




EM Basic

Ultrasound Podcast

CDEM’s Flipped Classroom

The Trauma Professional’s Blog

Amal Mattu’s ECGWeekly

Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog

Other Resource Lists

The AAEM RSA Resource Page

EMRA Career Planning Resources

EMRA Recommended Blogs and Podcasts

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