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Why write for us?

Publishing an article in Pulse puts your name in front of your peers, establishes you as an expert in your specialty, allows you to dive deep into a subject matter you really care about, and enables you to exchange ideas with colleagues. An article in Pulse is one of the most credible ways to showcase your expertise, not to mention that your byline in Pulse would make a great addition to your professional CV. And because Pulse is digital, your content can be broadly and easily shared, putting your name and “know-how” in front of not just SAEM’s 7,000+ readers, but potentially many more!

What to write

SAEM Pulse is looking for authors/columnists to write articles that focus on your EM specialty area. Examples/ideas include:

  • Finance and business (finances, loans, loan forgiveness, insurance, and other financial aspects in medicine for residents and new attendings)
  • Clinical practice (not designed to be research articles but to provide a brief assessment on the changing clinical environment)
  • Policy (discussion and updates on federal policy that directly impacts EM practice)
  • Reflections (stories from the frontlines of emergency medicine and articles that address the humanity in medicine)
  • Health care disparities (discussions and articles addressing racial and gender inequities existing in medicine)
  • The Match (articles related to matching into an emergency medicine residency)
  • Mental health in EM (articles that address the mental health care stigma in EM and provide education and resources for EM educators and leaders, and those seeking mental health care)
  • Geriatric EM
  • Pediatric EM
  • Palliative medicine
  • Women in academic EM
  • Ultrasound
  • Global EM
  • Simulation
  • Money management
  • Faculty development
  • EMS
  • Disaster EM
  • Sports medicine
  • Technology in the ED
  • Education techniques
  • Career planning
  • Professional development
  • Effective leadership
  • Resilience/well-being
  • Work-life balance
  • Medico-legal issues

Before you begin

Pitch your idea! Send us an email at newsletter@saem.org and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll let you know if your idea will fit into our editorial focus and when it might fit into our editorial calendar.

Once you get the go-ahead

If you’re given a thumbs up to write an article or a column for us, here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • 550 words (one page) or 1300 words (two pages), preferably in a Microsoft Word document, but a link to a Google doc is also acceptable (please no PDFs)
  • Notation as to whether the submission is on behalf of an SAEM academy, committee, or interest group (if so, the group’s chair or president must be aware and have given approval)
  • Notation as to whether the article is of special/particular interest to residents and/or medical students
  • A headshot and 50-word biography — including credentials, affiliation, institution — for each author (Optional: Twitter handles and email addresses for each author)
  • Optional: photograph(s) or graphics relevant to the article's content; these must be:
    • High resolution (min. 2 MB in size or 300 x 300 dpi in resolution) in jpg, png, tiff, or gif format (this includes images grabbed from the Internet)
    • Supplied as a JPEG file attached to an email (Please do not embed images within Microsoft Word; send them as separate files.)
    • If not taken by you, a credit to the photographer

Note: SAEM Pulse is not a scholarly journal, thus your article should not contain scholarly references. If referring to a source, describe or name it rather than add it as a citation. Include any hyperlinks and video embeds. Example: Few countries are reporting gender or sex disaggregated data, but preliminary reports suggest that this trend is reflected on a global scale.

Residents and Medical Students, Write for Pulse!

The RAMS section of SAEM Pulse is written for and by SAEM’s residents and medical students. If you’re interested in contributing, contact Aaron Kuzel, DO, MBA, associate editor of the Pulse RAMS section for more information or to pitch your story idea. 


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