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The primary objective of the SAEM Consensus Conference is to generate a research agenda for important, unanswered questions facing emergency care, to lead to high quality, funded research projects of varying scope from a variety of funding sources.The secondary objectives of the SAEM Consensus Conference include networking between junior and senior researchers, meaningful engagement with stakeholders, and drawing thought leaders to the SAEM Annual Meeting. The consensus conference is not a “state of the art” lecture series but is intended primarily to create the research agenda that is needed to advance our knowledge of the topic area. The primary product of the consensus conference is the publication of a research agenda resulting from the consensus achieved during the conference.

If you are invited to submit a full proposal to host the SAEM25 consensus conference, please refer to the guidelines below and submit your proposal to by August 21st.


Conference Format

Conference Format

The Consensus Conference is held on the first day of SAEM's Annual Meeting (typically a Tuesday) in conjunction with the SAEM Advanced EM Workshop Day. It is a full day workshop that emphasizes interactive multi-stakeholder engagement and real-time consensus building.

Key attributes include:

  • De-emphasis on lectures, with a focus on shorter, more interactive sessions.
  • Broad recruitment of stakeholders, which can potentially include thought leaders from other disciplines, policy makers, grant funders, patients, and community members.
  • Adequate time for networking activities to facilitate follow-on research proposals.


A single 10,000-word consensus conference paper will be submitted for publication in the Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM) journal. Additional consensus conference-related papers may be submitted to AEM as original contributions. Other deliverables (e.g., sub-pages on the SAEM website; external websites; white papers; survey instruments) may be created at the discretion of the Consensus Conference leaders, with appropriate extramural funding if needed.

Proposal Submission

Proposal Submission

Submission Guidelines:

A complete proposal should include the following items in MS Word or .pdf format :

  • Proposed Consensus Conference title
  • Names and academic titles of Conference Chairs and, optionally, sponsoring SAEM interest groups, committees, or academies
  • Introduction of the topic, including a brief statement of relevance and justification for the topic choice
  • A statement describing aspects of the consensus conference that are unique and compelling. The authors should explain why their topic is timely and ripe for pursuit
  • Proposed conference agenda, including a description of the consensus-building process and any proposed networking activities
  • Draft budget (if planning to seek funding for additional expenses beyond what is provided by SAEM)
  • If extramural funding is planned, authors should include an explanation detailing the need for extramural funds and their targeted funding agencies, specific RFAs, or alternate sources of financial support


The basic costs of the Consensus Conference are covered by SAEM, thus extramural funding is not required.

However, if the consensus building process is expected to require extra costs for methodological resources and stakeholder travel, or if higher-cost networking events are desired, extramural funding may be sought. Planned application for extramural funding will be viewed as a strength of the application if applicants can make a strong case for how it will be obtained and the likelihood of funding.

The following items will be provided by SAEM for the consensus conference:

  • Single room meeting space at the SAEM host hotel
  • Single screen monitor, projector, laptop, lectern, audio system, and presentation recording
  • A continental breakfast and boxed lunch for attendees
  • Additionally, up to 10 planning committee members can receive complimentary registration for the Consensus Conference only

Any additional equipment or supplies must be included in the proposal budget including justification for the expense(s) and plan for acquiring extramural funding.

SAEM staff will help authors to estimate budget costs upon request.

Examples of additional costs can include:

  • Travel stipends for speakers or planning committee members
  • Registration fees for speakers or additional key personnel (beyond 10 complimentary registration fees for planning committee members)
  • Additional audiovisual equipment (beyond the screen, projector, and audio system provided)
  • Supplies (include major supply categories)
  • Publishing or printing costs (e.g., brochures, syllabus, journal publication fees)
  • Food (beyond the continental breakfast and boxed lunch already included)
Selection Process

Selection Process

The Consensus Conference Subcommittee (CCS) of the SAEM Research Committee will review all proposals submitted by the deadline and recommend the winning proposal to the SAEM Board of Directors. The CCS will help with preparation and review of full proposals upon request.