Task Forces

Task Forces are special working groups appointed by SAEM to carry out a specific project or objective.

It is the responsibility of the incoming President (President-Elect) to coordinate the development of the annual task force objectives, which are approved by the Board of Directors. The process of developing the objectives begins in the fall and continues until the objectives are approved by the Board in the spring. In addition, the President-Elect is responsible for appointing the chairs and members of the task forces. An online Task Force Interest Form is made available in the winter and all interested SAEM members are invited to apply for appointment. Appointments are announced by April. Appointments are for one year and commence and end at the SAEM Annual Meeting. 

SAEM Guide for Effective Committees and Task Forces

If you are new to an SAEM committee or Task Force, please review the SAEM Guide for Effective Committees and Task Forces to become familiar with SAEM rules and expectations.


The Society’s groups begin in May each year to coincide with the Annual Meeting and last for twelve months. While SAEM’s mission “to lead the advancement of emergency care through education and research, advocacy, and professional development” gives direction to SAEM’s activities, it is the extensive and detailed work of each task force towards the fulfillment of its specific goals and objectives which advance the academic specialty. 

Although the task force objectives are developed and approved by the Board of Directors, they are based on SAEM’s Five-Year Goals and Objectives and on the suggestions of prior task force chairs and members, as well as of individual SAEM members. The Board strives to ensure that the objectives assigned to each task force are well-defined, achievable, and directly related to SAEM’s core mission. The Board appreciates feedback regarding these objectives from the membership, and, most importantly, invites suggestions for future objectives.