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The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) is pleased to announce the results of the recent elections for SAEM, Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine (AACEM), SAEM Foundation (SAEMF) and SAEM Residents and Medical Students (RAMS). The 2024-2025 leaders will take office during SAEM24 in Phoenix, May 14-17, 2024.

2024-2025 SAEM Board of Directors

President: Ali S. Raja, MD, DBA, MPH

President-Elect: Michelle D. Lall, MD, MHS
Secretary-Treasurer: Jody A. Vogel, MD, MSc, MSW
Immediate Past President: Wendy C. Coates, MD
Resident Member: Daniel N. Jourdan, MD, NRP

  • Pooja Agrawal, MD, MPH
  • Jeff Druck, MD
  • Ryan LaFollette, MD
  • Julianna J. Jung, MD
  • Nicholas M. Mohr, MD, MS
  • Ava E. Pierce, MD

Chair Member: Lewis S. Nelson, MD, MBA

2024-2025 SAEM RAMS Board

President: Emily (Ly) Cloessner, MD, MSPH
Secretary-Treasurer: Daniel Jose Artiga, MD 
Immediate Past President: Daniel N. Jourdan, MD, NRP 

  • Alison Bonner, MD        
  • Aaron D'Amore, MD        
  • John Dickens, MD, MBA        
  • Lauren Diercks
  • Hart L. Edmonson, MD        
  • Juliet Jacobson, MD        
  • Mit Patel, MD        
  • Genevieve Pentecost, MD

Medical Student Representatives:

  • Stephanie Balint        
  • Sara Schulwolf        

2024-2025 AACEM Executive Committee

President: Jane H. Brice, MD, MPH
President-Elect: Ian B.K. Martin, MD, MBA
Secretary-Treasurer: Mary E. Tanski, MD, MBA
Immediate Past President: Lewis S. Nelson, MD, MBA 

  • Susan B. Promes, MD, MBA        
  • Andra L. Blomkalns, MD, MBA   

SAEM Committees:

2024-2025 SAEM Nominating Committee

Chair, SAEM President-Elect: Michelle D. Lall, MD, MHS
SAEM Immediate Past President: Wendy C. Coates, MD

  • Al'ai Alvarez, MD
  • Angela Jarman, MD, MPH

2024-2025 SAEM Bylaws Committee

Chair: Ronny Otero, MD, MSHA

  • Peter Hou, MD        
  • Michael Gottlieb, MD        

2024-2025 SAEM Foundation Board of Trustees

President: J. Scott VanEpps, MD, PhD
President-Elect: Zachary F. Meisel, MD, MPH, MSHP
Secretary-Treasurer: James (Jamie) McCarthy, MD, MHA
Immediate Past President: Manish N. Shah, MD, MPH

  • Michelle Blanda, MD 
  • Charles B. Cairns, MD
  • Christopher R. Carpenter, MD, MSc
  • Cherri Hobgood, MD 
  • Paul I. Musey, Jr., MD, MS
  • Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD
  • Susan B. Promes, MD, MBA 
  • Niels K. Rathlev, MD
  • Neha Raukar, MD, MS

SAEM Grants Committee Chair: Elizabeth Burner, MD, MPH
SAEM Finance Committee Chair: Marquita S. Norman, MD, MBA
SAEM President: Ali S. Raja, MD, DBA, MPH
SAEM President-Elect: Michelle D. Lall, MD, MHS
SAEM Secretary-Treasurer: Jody A. Vogel, MD, MSc, MSW
SAEM Immediate Past President: Wendy C. Coates, MD


2024-2025 AAAEM Executive Committee

President: Becky McGowan, MBA
President-Elect: Jennifer Patton Muir, EdD, MBA
Treasurer: Stephen G. Maxwell, MSM
Secretary: Brendan Russell, MBA
Immediate Past President: David Christiansen, MBA

  • Diane C. Lee, DBA, MBA 
  • Kashwayne Williams, MBA, MHA, FACHE

2024-2025 ADIEM Executive Committee

President: Katrina A. Gipson, MD, MPH
President-Elect: Sreeja (Sree) Natesan, MD
Secretary-Treasurer: Ryan Ellis Tsuchida
Immediate Past President: Cassandra Kim Bradby, MD

  • Eliot Blum, MD
  • Moises Gallegos, MD, MPH
  • Tiffany Mitchell, MD

Development Officer: Melanie F. Molina, MD, MAS

2024-2025 AEUS Executive Committee

President: Petra Duran-Gehring, MD
President-Elect: Meera Muruganandan, MD
Treasurer: Andrew Goldsmith, MD, MBA
Secretary: Maya Lin, MD
Immediate Past President: Christopher Thom, MD, RDMS
Research Officer: Youyou Duanmu, MD, MPH
Education Officer: Jason Arthur, MD, MPH

2024-2025 AGEM Executive Committee

President: Katie Hunold Buck, MD
President-Elect: Kei Ouchi, MD, MPH
Treasurer: Fernanda Bellolio, MD, MS
Secretary: Surriya Colleen Ahmad, MD
Immediate Past President: Elizabeth M. Goldberg, MD, ScM

  • Anita N. Chary, MD PhD
  • Angel Li, MD
  • Cameron Gettel, MD, MHS
  • Rachel Michelle Skains, MD, MSPH

Resident Representative: Lily Berrin, MD
Medical Student Representative: Erin Hunt

2024-2025 AWAEM Executive Committee

President: Amy Zeidan, MD
President-Elect: Margaret Samuels-Kalow MD, MPhil, MSHP
Treasurer: Amy F. Hildreth, MD, MHPE
Secretary: Laura Walker, MD, MBA
Immediate Past President: Kathleen “Kat” Ogle, MD
Vice-President of Membership: Taylor Stavely, MD
Vice-President of Education: Jennifer Love, MD
Vice-President of Communications: To be Appointed by the AWAEM Executive Committee
Vice-President of Corporate Development: Ynhi Thomas, MD, MPH, MSc
Resident Member: Kellie LeVine, MD

2024-2025 CDEM Executive Committee

President: Keme Carter, MD
President-Elect: Amy Cutright, MD
Treasurer: Alejandro Palma, M
Secretary: Bradley S. Hernandez, MD
Immediate Past President: Joseph B. House, MD

  • Jennifer Carey, MD
  • David Tillman, MD
  • Navdeep Sekhon, MD
  • Jose V. Nable, MD

2024-2025 GEMA Executive Committee

President: Stephanie Chow Garbern, MD, MPH, DTM&H
President-Elect: Megan Rybarczyk, MD, MPH
Treasurer: John Austin Lee, MD, MPH
Secretary: Torben "Tom" Becker, MD, PhD
Immediate Past President: Naz Karim, MD, MHA, MPH

  • Sonya Naganathan, MD, MPH
  • Katie Wells, MD, MPH

Medical Student/Resident Representative: Kaitlin Rose
Development & Grants Officer: Florian Schmitzberger, MD, MS
IT Chair: Vinay Kampalath, MD, DTM&H
Program Committee Liaison: Emma Cortes, DO

2024-2025 Simulation Executive Committee

President: Suzanne (Suzi) Bentley, MD, MPH
President-Elect: Tiffany Moadel, MD
Treasurer: Michael S. Hrdy, MD
Secretary: Tina Chen, MD
Immediate Past President: Sara M. Hock, MD
Vice President of Membership: Stephanie Cohen, DO
Vice President of Research/Scholarship: Stephanie N. Stapleton, MD
Vice President of Social Media & Communication: Aga De Castro, MD, MPH
Vice President of Education: Julie Rice, MD

  • Andrew Melendez, DO
  • Salil Phadnis, MD