Federally Funded NIH 2016-2020

SAEM, in partnership with the research committee, is honored by the work of its members who have received federal funding from the various institutes and agencies across the federal spectrum. Below is a list of SAEM members, including a downloadable spreadsheet, who have received federal grants displayed in NIH RePORTER. 

Disclaimer: This list may include investigators outside of Emergency Medicine in some cases.


Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ANDERSON, EMILY E.2020D43TW011506Loyola University ChicagoLoyola-Ukrainian Catholic University International Bioethics Research Training Program
CHUNG, MICHAEL HOONBAE2018D43TW010905Aga Khan University (Kenya)Global Infectious Diseases and HPV Research Training in Kenya
IDRIS, AHAMED H2016D43TW010463Ut Southwestern Medical CenterPartnerships to Develop Injury Research Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa
OGUNNIYI, ADESOLA2015D43TW010140University Of Ibadan College Of MedicineUniversity of Ibadan MEPI Junior Faculty Research Training Program (UI-MEPI-J)
RAZZAK, JUNAID ABDUL2005D43TW007292Johns Hopkins UniversityJHU-Afghanistan-Pakistan Collaborative Trauma and Injury Research Training
WRIGHT, DAVID W2012D43TW009348Vanderbilt UniversityVanderbilt-Zambia Network for Innovation in Global Health Technologies
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
YU, MIN2015DP2CA206653University Of Southern CaliforniaDeveloping Individualized Medicine Targeting Metastatic Breast Cancer Stem Cells
ZHANG, XIAOCHANG2019DP2GM137423University Of ChicagoSingle cell detection of dynamic protein-RNA interaction


Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
AGARWAL, ISHA2014F30HL118775Harvard Medical SchoolThe role of diabetes in fibrosis and peripheral artery disease
BROWN, LINDSEY A2018F30HD094520Ohio State UniversityInformed Decisions and Patient Outcomes: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Chronic Hip Pain
CHEN, KENNETH2016F30AG052225University Of Washington (Previously U Of Chicago 90pd0276)Whole-lifespan monitoring of yeast health
CHEN, STEVEN TIWEN2019F30CA243210Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiUsing CRISPR/Cas9 Pro-code technology to dissect the migratory dendritic cell signature
COLLINS, DAVID PAUL2019F30MH117859New York University School Of MedicineNeural circuits linking the prefrontal cortex and thalamus
DAYTON, ALEXANDER R2016F30HL127979Medical College Of WisconsinBayesian modeling to infer mechanisms of GWAS hypertension genes in rats
DIEHL, JOHN NATHANIEL2019F30CA243253Univ Of North Carolina Chapel HillValidation of WEE1 kinase as a clinical target in KRAS-mutant pancreatic cancer
FISHER, DANIEL W.2015F30MH109249Northwestern University At ChicagoRole of HCN Channels in Major Depressive Disorder Etiology and Treatment
FOX, BRANDON M2015F30DK107194University Of Alabama At BirminghamNovel Mechanisms of Decreased NO Bioavailability in Sickle Cell Nephropathy
HAIMOVICH, ADRIAN2015F30CA196191Yale UniversityDevelopment of Co-translational Phosphotyrosine Incorporation to Elucidate Mechanisms of Src Activation
KRAMER, MICHAEL HARRIS2014F30HG007618University Of California, San DiegoTurning Data into Whole Cell Ontology Models for Functional Analysis
LEE, VICTORIA2017F30CA217109University Of ChicagoDefining tolerance mechanisms regulating self-specific T cells
LOWE, PATRICK PAUL2016F30AA024680Univ Of Massachusetts Med Sch WorcesterThe Role of Extracellular Vesicles in Alcohol-Induced Neuroinflammation
LU, ALICE2018F30HD093350Yale UniversityCharacterizing global regulatory networks in human embryonic stem cells
MILLER, ALEXANDRA HALEY2020F30HL151085Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell UnivIroning out mycobacterial persistence: Iron access and utilization in chronic mycobacterial infection
NGUYEN, AN NHAT DUY2017F30DE027616University Of California, San FranciscoMesenchyme-Dependent Epithelial Signals That Promote Osteogenesis In the Jaw
PARK, JOSEPH2019F30HG010442University Of PennsylvaniaInvestigating the clinical ontologies of loss-of-function and gain-of-function human gene variants
ROBERTS, NATHAN2018F30CA216970University Of Maryland BaltimoreImproving CNS Delivery of Chemotherapeutic to Invasive Brain Cancer
ROSE, JOHN CHRISTOPHER2014F30CA189793University Of Washington (Previously U Of Chicago 90pd0276)Design and Development of a Small Molecule-controlled Activator of RAS
SMITH, ANDREW HOWARD2016F30DA037665Yale UniversitySystems genetics of smoking
SMITH, BENJAMIN ARTHUR HUMPHERS2019F30CA232541Stanford UniversityMyc promoted changes to the glycocalyx in leukemia
SZCZESNIAK, LAURA2019F30GM134638Upstate Medical UniversityMechanisms by which Bok binds to IP3Rs and regulates mitochondrial dynamics
THOMPSON, JOHN2017F30AG055314California Institute Of TechnologyThe Role of Cdk5 O-GlcNAcylation in Neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's Disease
UNG, RANDALL2018F30MH115693Univ Of North Carolina Chapel HillEncoding Precise Behavioral Features of Anxiety by Cortico-BNST Ensembles
WEGMAN, MARTIN P2015F30MH105153University Of FloridaComparative effect of managed care on quality and costs of care for Medicaid adul
WILLIAMS, KATELYN2017F30CA216921Medical University Of South CarolinaInvestigation of Cdc34 Molecular Recognition by its Enzyme Partners, Uba1 and SCF Ligases.
WILLIAMS, LINUS2019F30AI143006Tufts University BostonTh17 Cells in Transplant Rejection
WISEMAN, NATALIE2015F30HD084144Wayne State UniversitySusceptibility Mapping of Cerebral Metabolism in Traumatic Brain Injury
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BAILEY, OLIVIA A2017F31DK113778University Of FloridaA Novel Combination Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes Prevention
BURKE, THOMAS M.2018F31CA228360Baylor College Of MedicineFunctional Genomics and Precision Therapy Testing for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
CHEN, GEORGE TSUN-TE2015F31CA200298University Of California-IrvineRegulation of Wnt Signaling in Invasive Colon Cancer
CLARK, ALEXANDER P2020F31HL154655Cornell UniversityPredicting Drug Cardiotoxicity Targets Using iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Machine Learning
COLE, MICHAEL2015F31DE025176University Of California BerkeleySignals of Epigenetic Modification in Sjogrens Syndrome
COOK, JENNIFER L2016F31NS095421University Of MinnesotaContribution of TLQP21 and its receptor C3aR1 to neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury
CRANE, ANDRES2020F31NS118948Massachusetts Institute Of TechnologyEffect of Nanoscale Active Zone Morphology on Synaptic Vesicle Release Probability
DOYLE, DANIEL2019F31NS110206University Of Michigan At Ann ArborNon-cell autonomous mechanisms of neural circuit wiring mediated by chromatin regulation
FOX, HANNAH2016F31AI126632University Of Pittsburgh At PittsburghElucidating the Role of the FACT Complex in the HSV-1 Life Cycle
GROSS, JOSHUA D2017F31DA043331West Virginia UniversityThe role of RGS12 in the action of amphetamine and related drugs of abuse
GUTIERREZ, JOSE2019F31NR018620Yale UniversityMeasuring PrEP Preferences within Vulnerable Military Populations Using Conjoint Analysis
HALL, ASHLEY NICOLE2019F31AG063450University Of Washington (Previously U Of Chicago 90pd0276)Determining the role of ribosomal DNA in metazoan aging
HOGAN, KATIE2020F31DE030333Rice University3D-Printed Demineralized Bone Matrix Hydrogels for Craniofacial Bone Tissue Regeneration.
JOHNSON, DANIEL THOMAS2018F31CA228324University Of California, San DiegoAML1-ETO Regulation via the 3'UTR in t(8;21) Acute Myeloid Leukemia
JOHNSON, REBECCA2017F31GM123603University Of California BerkeleyThe Total Synthesis and Biological Investigations of Ambiguine Natural Products
JONES, JENNIFER ELIZABETH2014F31AI114231Univ Of North Carolina Chapel HillThe Mammalian NRAMP family as Alphavirus Pathogenesis Determinants
JOSEPH, JOHN2017F31DE027270University Of Maryland BaltimoreTRPV1 Modulation during Craniofacial Neuropathy and its Contribution to Chronic Pain
KELLER, MATTHEW DAVID2017F31HL137304New York University School Of MedicineDetermining the role of autophagy in regulating the Staphylococcus aureus a-toxin receptor ADAM10
LEE, ANDY JAEHAN2020F31AR078004Columbia University Health SciencesFerroptosis as a Potential Mechanism of Blood-Induced Chondrocyte Cell Death
LI, DAVID SHUEN2017F31HL139113University Of Texas, AustinInvestigation of the effect of injected hydrogel properties on post-myocardial infarction ventricular remodeling using an integrated experimental-numerical finite element modeling approach
LIU, CLARISSA2018F31DK118944University Of Southern CaliforniaVentral Hippocampus Circuits Underlying Conditioned Feeding Behavior
LIU, YANG2019F31NS115496University Of GeorgiaSubcellular Resolution Light Sheet Microscope with a Large Field of View
MADRID, ANDY2017F31MH113351University Of Wisconsin-MadisonDefining the Molecular Origins of Developmental Brain Disorders
MCCORMACK, RYAN MICHAEL2013F31AI106290University Of Miami School Of MedicineElucidating Perforin-2 mediated killing mechanisms against pathogenic bacteria
MCGEE, JOHN PHILIP2020F31AG069456Northwestern UniversityAlzheimer's Disease Characterization via a Novel Native Mass Spectrometry Platform
MILLER, DANIEL SCOTT2019F31NS108522Oregon Health & Science UniversityMechanism of dystroglycan function at inhibitory synapses.
MILLER, KATHRYN2019F31NS110321Michigan State UniversitySTN DBS-Mediated BDNF Signaling and Neuroprotection in the Context of PFF-Seeded Synucleinopathy
MOORE, ANDREW S2017F31GM123644University Of PennsylvaniaRegulation of mitochondrial dynamics and homeostasis by cyclic actin assembly/disassembly
NORMAN, KEVIN JAY2019F31MH121010Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiCortico-cortical Projections Driving Frontal-sensory Neural Oscillatory Synchrony to Mediate Attention
NWANAJI-ENWEREM, JAMAJI2017F31AG056124Harvard Medical SchoolUtilizing DNA Methylation Age to Understand The Effects of Fine Particles on Cognition
PRICE, SARAH LEANN2020F31AI147404University Of LouisvilleIdentification of a novel zinc acquisition system in Yersinia pestis
ROGERS, THOMAS J2016F31CA203394University Of Colorado DenverTargeting a Kynurenine-Driven Autocrine Loop to Block Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Metastasis
SMITH, LAUREN CASSANDRA2018F31DA047113Scripps Research InstituteAdvancing the therapeutic potential of a nicotine-degrading enzyme
SMITH, MICHAEL J2019F31CA239485Boston University (Charles River Campus)Elucidating the Mechanism of B-Raf Dimerization Inhibition Using (+)-Griffipavixanthone Derivatives
SMITH, MONIQUE LEANA2014F31AA022824Oregon Health & Science UniversityAnalysis of Edinger Westphal Nucleus Activity Following Alcohol
SOUGIANNIS, ALEXANDER THEODORE2018F31AT009820University Of South Carolina At ColumbiaEnhancing the efficacy of 5 fluorouracil using emodin as a complementary therapeutic
TEEPLE, STEPHANIE2020F31LM013403University Of PennsylvaniaHealth Inequality and a Machine Learning-Based Tool for Emergency Department Triage: A Mixed Methods Approach
WHIPPLE, MARY OLIVIA2017F31NR016614University Of MinnesotaRole of Diabetes and Sedentary Time in Outcomes of Structured Exercise Therapy for Peripheral Artery Disease
WHITE, JOSHUA J2015F31NS092264Baylor College Of MedicineCerebellar Function in Dystonia
WRIGHT, SHANNON2020F31NS113513University Of Michigan At Ann ArborCGG repeat associated translation in Fragile X gene function and disease
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ANDERSON, EMILY BRITTA2014F32MH100787University Of California, San FranciscoDynamic cholinergic regulation of hippocampal processing, learning, and memory
BENNETT, CHRISTOPHER F.2017F32GM125243Dana-Farber Cancer InstCharacterization of genetic modifiers of bioenergetic rescue in mitochondrial disease cell lines
BROWN, ANDREW DENNIS2014F32DC013927University Of Colorado DenverBehavioral and Physiological Effects of Binaural Cue Distortion
BROWN, MICHAEL CLAVON2018F32CA224593Duke UniversityCancer Immunotherapy Through Intratumoral Activation of Recall Responses
BURKE, THOMAS2018F32GM128410University Of Wisconsin-MadisonGTPase steering by an enzymatic corral
CAO, MENGYI2019F32GM131570California Institute Of TechnologyThe regulation of gut-brain communication during Caenorhabditis elegans dauer development
CHANG, ANDREW2020F32DC018205New York UniversityThe role of amplitude modulation in perceiving speech and music
CUNNINGHAM, CHRISTOPHER L2016F32DC015724Johns Hopkins UniversityContribution of COMT2 to auditory processing in mammalian sensory hair cells
EGAN, DANIEL2017F32DK112638Dana-Farber Cancer InstDecoding PGC-1a1 Control of Energy Metabolism
GROSS, JOSHUA D2020F32DA051139Duke UniversityExploiting Biased Agonism at the Ghrelin Receptor (GHSR1a) for Opioid Addiction
HART, JAMES CHARLES2014F32DE024677Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell UnivPbx, a Novel Regulator of EMT in Midface Morphogenesis
HSU, JOANNE2014F32DC014397Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterInvestigating the PROTO Targets in Regulating Drug-Induced Hair Cell Death
JOHNSON, ADAM2018F32GM129940Harvard Medical SchoolStructural and Kinetic Characterization of the Flavivirus Membrane Fusion Mechanism
JOHNSON, GRAHAM2017F32DK115188Duke UniversityFunctional characterization of regulatory variants associated with maternal hyperglycemia
JOHNSON, MATTHEW2020F32GM139253Princeton UniversityMolecular mechanisms underlying spatial patterning of mammalian skin
JOHNSON, SIMON C2015F32AG050444Albert Einstein College Of Medicine, IncFunctional Characterization and Physiological Consequences of Human Longevity-Associated IGF1R Variants
KIM, ALBERT D2016F32DK109616University Of Southern CaliforniaCharacterization of in vivo and in vitro nephrogenesis
KIM, JINJU2017F32DK115109University Of Miami School Of MedicineThe role of DDR1 in podocyte lipotoxicity and progression of Alport Syndrome
LEE, EUGENE Y2019F32AG066372Brown UniversityChristianson Syndrome: a novel endosomal disorder with neurodegeneration
LEE, JOHN2019F32DC018233Harvard Medical SchoolSynaptic and Functional Changes in Cochlear and Vestibular Hair Cells of Tmc Mutant Mice
LIU, SHARI2020F32HD103363Massachusetts Institute Of TechnologyNeural foundations of learning, reasoning, and surprise in human infants
MILLER, AARON W2014F32DK102277Cleveland Clinic Lerner Com-CwruMechanisms facilitating the persistent colonization of oxalate-degrading bacteria
MILLER, DANIEL PATRICK2017F32DE026939University Of LouisvillePhosphotyrosine Signaling of Porphyromonas gingivalis
MILLER, LINDSAY M.2020F32DK127590University Of California, San DiegoBeyond the Glomerulus: Kidney Tubule Dysfunction and Cognitive Impairments in the Elderly
NAKAJIMA, YUKO2013F32GM106524Brandeis UniversityThe Mechanism of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Control in DNA Damage Response
NELSON, JESSICA C2015F32MH107139University Of PennsylvaniaMolecular-genetic analysis of habituation learning
PATEL, TULSI2017F32NS105372Columbia University Health SciencesDefining the transcriptional regulation of motor neuron maturation in vivo and in vitro
RAY, JOHN PHILIP2017F32AI129249Broad Institute, Inc.Systematic Mapping of the Functional Common Noncoding Variants in the TNFAIP3 Locus
RYAN, BENJAMIN2019F32DK117522University Of Michigan At Ann ArborThe role of iron in adipose tissue lipolysis, systemic fatty acid mobilization, and insulin resistance in obese humans
SMITH, BRIAN ALDEN2015F32GM116194University Of RochesterCharacterization of 16S rRNA Maturation in E. coli
VU, MAI-ANH2019F32MH120894Boston University (Charles River Campus)Subcellular Mapping and Post-Synaptic Impacts of Striatal Dopamine Release During Behavior
WANG, JENNIFER TONG2016F32GM117678Stanford UniversityBuilding the microtubule organizing center
WOOD, DANIEL KENT2017F32EY027185Northwestern UniversityNatural dynamics of attention in primate prefrontal cortex
WU, DANIELLE2014F32DE024697Rice UniversityDynamic 3D interplay of primary human salivary cells and the basement membrane
YANG, JENNIFER2018F32HD094470University Of California, San DiegoStress inhibition of the neuroendocrine reproductive axis
ZHANG, XIANG2017F32CA210536Sloan-Kettering Inst Can ResearchThe role of adipocytes in melanoma
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
KAUR, AMANPREET2016F99CA212437University Of The Sciences PhiladelphiaHAPLN1 mediates collagen remodeling during aging to influence melanoma and immune cell motility
MARTIN, JENNIFER2018F99NS108543State University Of New York At BuffaloA novel role for Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells (OPC) in opiate addiction
MARTINEZ, JOSEPH M2020F99NS120523University Of California At DavisAdrenergic signaling in the CNS in health and disease
ROGERS, THOMAS J2016F99CA212230University Of Colorado DenverTargeting a Kynurenine-Driven Autocrine Loop to Block Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Metastasis
ZHANG, XIAOCHEN2020F99CA253745Ohio State UniversityAddressing Obesity to Reduce Cancer Risk and Health Disparities in Underserved Populations



Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
CHUNG, MICHAEL HOONBAE2018G11TW010936Aga Khan University (Kenya)Infrastructure Development Training Program for Aga Khan University East Africa
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
JONES, DAVID SHUMWAY2015G13LM012053Harvard Medical SchoolOn the Origins of Therapies: Innovation, Imagination, and the Evolution of Coronary Artery Surgery, 1910-1970



Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title



Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BLUM, JAMES MARLOW2020I01HX002950Veterans Health AdministrationBuilding a Learning Healthcare System to Understand and Improve Sepsis Outcomes in the VA TeleICU Network
CHANG, WENHAN2013I01BX001960Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoThe Role of CaSR and GABA-B-R in Neuronal Responses to Ischemic Brain Injury
2017I01BX003453Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoA novel treatment for bone fracture repair
COOK, DAVID G2013I01BX002311Va Puget Sound Healthcare SystemBuilding translationally relevant relationships between neuropathology and abnormal neuroimaging in Veterans and mechanisms of blast-induced neurotrauma in mice
GARCIA, JOSE M.2015I01BX002807Va Puget Sound Healthcare SystemMechanisms of action of ghrelin in muscle and adipose tissue in cancer cachexia
GUPTA, SANJAY2015I01BX002494Louis Stokes Cleveland Va Medical CenterTargeting EZH2 in Prostate Cancer by Luteolin
HOFFMAN, TIMOTHY J.2013I01BX001699Harry S. Truman Memorial Va HospitalTargeted Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy Treatment of Prostate Cancer
HWANG, ULA Y2014I01HX000911James J Peters Va Medical CenterAnalgesic safety and effectiveness in older veterans with arthritis
LEE, EUGENE SANGKEU2018I01CX001683Va Northern California Health Care SysRole of RhoA in small AAA growth
LI, JUN2016I01BX003385John D Dingell Va Medical CenterTherapeutic Development in Segmental Demyelination
LIU, JIALING2016I01BX003335Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoCollateral flow and stroke outcome
MARTIN, JENNIFER L2018I01HX002300Va Greater Los Angeles Healthcare SystemDiagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea in Women Veterans
SINGH, HARDEEP2018I01HX002439Michael E Debakey Va Medical CenterMeasuring and Improving the Safety of Test Result Follow-Up
WARD, MICHAEL J.2020I01HX003057Veterans Health AdministrationEvaluating a Prescribing Feedback System for Acute Care Providers
WILLIAMS, DUSTIN LEE2014I01RX001198Va Salt Lake City Healthcare SystemA Combination Coating for the Prevention of Perioperative Device Infections
2016I01RX002287Va Salt Lake City Healthcare SystemDevelopment of a Unique Antibiofilm Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Infections
WILSON, MATTHEW H2013I01BX002190Veterans Health AdministrationKidney specific site-directed integration for cystinuria
2018I01BX004258Veterans Health AdministrationMetabolic consequences of cystinuria and genome engineering therapeutics
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
HUGHES, ADRIANA2018I21CX001669Minneapolis Va Medical CenterNovel Ecologically Valid Markers of Cognitive and Functional Decline to Improve Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Monitoring of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer?s disease in Aging Veterans
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
CHOU, ANDREW2019IK2CX001981Michael E Debakey Va Medical CenterUsing Big-Data to Identify & Prevent Transmission of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae within VHA
DRISCOLL, MARY2020IK2HX002664Va Connecticut Healthcare SystemTargeting Barriers to Pain Self-Management in Women Veterans: Refinement and Feasibility of a Novel Peer Support Intervention (Project CONNECT)
WINCHESTER, DAVID E2017IK2HX002066Veterans Health AdministrationStrategies to Reduce Unnecessary Noninvasive Imaging
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
CHANG, WENHAN2019IK6BX004835Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoBLR&D Research Career Scientist Award
HOFFMAN, TIMOTHY J.2019IK6BX004856Harry S. Truman Memorial Va HospitalBLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application
LIU, JIALING2019IK6BX004600Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoBLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application
MARTIN, JENNIFER L2020IK6HX003160Va Greater Los Angeles Healthcare SystemHSR&D Research Career Scientist Award
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
CHANG, WENHAN2016IS1BX003589Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoShEEP Request for SCANCO Medical VivaCT 80 preclinical micro-computed tomography (pCT) system
2018IS1BX004391Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoShEEP Request for Atomic Force Microscope (BRUKER INNOVA2-SYS)
2019IS1BX004813Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoShEEP Equipment Request for nCounter Max Analysis System
2019IS1BX005042Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoShEEP Equipment Request for GeoMx? Digital Spatial Profiler System
HOFFMAN, TIMOTHY J.2018IS1BX004411Harry S. Truman Memorial Va HospitalShEEP-IC: Truman VA Clinical Research Radiopharmacy
2019IS1BX005040Harry S. Truman Memorial Va HospitalShEEP Request for VA BIC MRI Cryoprobe
LIU, JIALING2019IS1BX005033Veterans Affairs Med Ctr San FranciscoShEEP request for High Performance Electrophysiological System for Recording and Closed-Loop Stimulation
SULLIVAN, JOHN M.2019IS1BX004804Va Western New York Healthcare SystemShEEP Request for Upgrade to Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Instrumentation



Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
KAUR, AMANPREET2017K00CA212437University Of PennsylvaniaHAPLN1 mediates collagen remodeling during aging to influence melanoma and immune cell motility
MARTIN, JENNIFER2019K00MH122356State University Of New York At BuffaloA novel role for Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells (OPC) in opiate addiction
ROGERS, THOMAS J2017K00CA212230Ut Southwestern Medical CenterTargeting a Kynurenine-Driven Autocrine Loop to Block Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Metastasis
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ARNOLD, BENJAMIN F2015K01AI119180University Of California, San FranciscoNew Serological Measures of Infectious Disease Transmission Intensity
BROWN, HEIDI E2014K01AI101224University Of ArizonaSimulation Modeling of Public Health Interventions on Dengue Vector Abundance: Cu
BROWN, SAMANTHA M2019K01HD098331Colorado State UniversityParent-Infant Co-regulation of Sleep and Physiology in Families with Neglect
BROWN, SUSAN DENISE2014K01DK099404Kaiser Foundation Research InstituteEngaging At-Risk Minority Women in Health System Diabetes Prevention Programs
EDWARDS, JESSIE2016K01AI125087Univ Of North Carolina Chapel HillComparative effectiveness of tailored HIV treatment plans and mortality
KRAMER, MICHAEL ROOT2013K01HD074726Emory UniversityGeography of opportunity: Neighborhood dynamics and child cognitive development
LEE, JUNGYEON2017K01DA041609New York University School Of MedicineComorbid Substance Use Among African Americans and Puerto Ricans: Determinants and Consequences
LEVINE, ADAM CARL2012K01TW009208Rhode Island HospitalAssessment of Dehydration in Children with Diarrhea in Resource-Limited Settings
LIU, JIAYING2020K01DA049292University Of GeorgiaNeuroimaging approaches to improve prediction of smoking initiation and nicotine use escalation among young adult electronic nicotine delivery systems users
LUO, SHAN2018K01DK115638University Of Southern CaliforniaNeural Mechanisms of Overeating Among Children Exposed to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus In Utero
MARTIN, EMILY TOTH2012K01AI099006University Of Michigan At Ann ArborDefining Precursors to VRSA Emergence: Epidemiology of MRSA & VRE Dual Infection
MARTIN, IAN2015K01AG050718Oregon Health & Science UniversityRole of Elevated Diet-linked TOR Activity and Protein Synthesis in Parkinson's Disease Neurodegeneration
MILLER, RACHEL ELIZABETH2016K01AR070328Rush University Medical CenterBiomechanical Pathways Associated with Osteoarthritis Pain
MILLER, RACHEL KATHERINE2012K01DK092320University Of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr HoustonThe Role of Planar Cell Polarity Signals in Shaping Kidney Tubules
MURPHY, ELIZABETH ANGELA2013K01AT007824University Of South Carolina At ColumbiaRegulation of Macrophages in Obesity-Enhanced Colon Cancer:Benefits of Quercetin
PACELLA, MARIA LYNN2019K01AR073300University Of Pittsburgh At PittsburghAn in-depth Examination of the Psychological Processes involved in the Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain after a Traumatic Musculoskeletal Injury
ROBINSON, MATTHEW MCHUTCHESON2015K01DK103829Oregon State UniversityRegulation of the mitochondrial proteome by autophagy during insulin resistance
STATON, CATHERINE ANN2015K01TW010000Duke UniversityAddressing High Risk Alcohol Use Amongst Injury Patients in an Emergency Department in Tanzania
THOMSON, NICHOLAS DAVID2019K01CE003160Virginia Commonwealth UniversityEvaluating outcomes for youth receiving hospital-based violence prevention with and without a community-level initiative
ZHANG, XIAOCHANG2016K01MH109747University Of ChicagoCell Type-specific Alternative Splicing Controls Cerebral Cortical Development
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
LIU, YANHONG2014K07CA181480Baylor College Of MedicineLung Cancer Prediction Models Incorporating Exome Data from Extreme Phenotypes
MILLER, SARAH J2015K07CA190726Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiInternet-based Motivational Interviewing for Colonoscopy in African Americans
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ARNOLD, THOMAS DARMODY2016K08NS096192University Of California, San FranciscoSmad3-Sox17 Angiogenic Signaling Underlies Vascular Instability and Germinal Matrix Hemorrhage
BROWN, DAVID ANDREW2020K08AR074529Duke UniversityGenetic approaches to skin regeneration in zebrafish
DAVIS, MARGARET TAYLOR2018K08MH117351Yale UniversityDysregulation in mGluR5 as a marker of BPD and suicide related endophenotypes
GREINEDER, COLIN FRED2016K08HL130430University Of Michigan At Ann ArborICAM-1 targeted thrombomodulin: an experimental therapeutic for the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
HALL, MICHAEL EDWARD2015K08DK099415University Of Mississippi Med CtrRenal Sinus Fat, Hypertension, and Altered Kidney Function
HUANG, GRACE2017K08HL132122Brigham And Women's HospitalPrenatal Androgens and Cardiometabolic Risk in Adulthood
JANG, DAVID H2018K08HL136858University Of PennsylvaniaAbnormal Mitochondrial Bioenergetic and Motility Signatures in Human Blood Cells as Indices of Acute Poisoning in Patients
JOHNSON, THOMAS VINCENT2020K08EY031801Johns Hopkins UniversityTransplantation of human stem cell-derived neurons for retinal ganglion cell replacement and optic nerve regeneration.
KEA, BORY2017K08HL140105Oregon Health & Science UniversityOptimal Anticoagulation Strategies for Acute Atrial Fibrillation
KIM, MICHAEL PAUL2017K08CA218690University Of Tx Md Anderson Can CtrDefining diverse roles of p53 in pancreatic cancer
KOCHER, KEITH ERIC2015K08HS024160University Of Michigan At Ann ArborUnderstanding the Causes and Consequences of Variation in Emergency Department Hospitalization Practices Across the United States
LI, JOHN T2012K08HL111208Children's Hospital Of Los AngelesRole of TH17 and IL17A in Acute Lung Injury
LIN, JESSICA2014K08AI110651Univ Of North Carolina Chapel HillGenetic determinants of Plasmodium vivax relapse
MOHR, NICHOLAS M.2019K08HS025753University Of IowaEvaluating the Role of Telemedicine in Improving Rural Emergency Department Sepsis Care
MUMMA, BRYN ELISSA2016K08HL130546University Of California At DavisUnderstanding the factors affecting hospital performance in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A mixed-methods study
NELSON, ALEXANDRA2014K08NS081001University Of California, San FranciscoOptogenetic dissection of striatal circuits in a mouse model of human dystonia
PATTERSON, BRIAN W2016K08HS024558University Of Wisconsin-MadisonPreventing Future Falls among Older Adults Presenting to the Emergency Department
PULIA, MICHAEL SANTINO2016K08HS024342University Of Wisconsin-MadisonImproving Antibiotic Stewardship During The Treatment of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in The Emergency Department: A Human Factors and Systems Engineering Approach
ROSE, JOHN B2019K08CA234209University Of Alabama At BirminghamTargeted Treatment of Metastatic Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors
SCHOENFELD, ELIZABETH MAE2018K08HS025701Baystate Medical Center, Inc.Shared Decision-Making for the Promotion of Patient-Centered Imaging in the Emergency Department: Suspected Kidney Stones
SHIH, DAVID Q.2012K08DK093578Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterThe Roles of IBD Associated Genes ATG16L1 and TNFSF15 in Gut Mucosal Inflammation
SOARES, WILLIAM EDWARD2018K08DA045933Baystate Medical Center, Inc.SPOiLER: towards Safer Prescribing of Legal Opioids from the Emergency Room
ST. JOHN, ALEXANDER2020K08HL146840University Of Washington (Previously U Of Chicago 90pd0276)Dysregulation of Platelet-von Willebrand Factor Interaction in Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy
THOMPSON, JEFFREY C2018K08CA234335University Of PennsylvaniaA multimodal approach to develop molecular markers to predict response to immune targeted agents in non-small cell lung cancer
VANEPPS, J SCOTT2017K08AI128006University Of Michigan At Ann ArborAntimicrobial mechanisms of action zinc oxide nanoparticles
VOGEL, JODY ANN2015K08HS023901Denver Health And Hospital AuthorityImproving the quality of patient care and outcomes for frequent emergency department visitors
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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HOLMES, JAMES F2016KL2TR001859University Of California At DavisInstitutional Career Development Core
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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ZHANG, XIANG2016P50AA024337University Of LouisvilleAdministrative Core
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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2019R01MH118220Univ Of Massachusetts Med Sch WorcesterDeriving a Clinical Decision Rule for Suicide Risk in the Emergency Department Setting
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2019R01CA236500Beckman Research Institute/City Of HopeClinical evaluation of IL13Ra2-targeted CAR T cell therapy in combination with nivolumab in patients with recurrent malignant glioma
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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2019R18HS026177Brigham And Women's HospitalDemonstrating, testing, and disseminating a sustainable model for academic detailing programs
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2019R18DK118590Thomas Jefferson UniversityA pragmatic randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of medically tailored meals and medical nutrition therapy via telehealth among patients with poorly controlled diabetes
SINGH, HARDEEP2018R18HS026622University Of Michigan At Ann ArborImproving Diagnosis in Emergency and Acute Care: A Learning Laboratory (IDEA-LL)
STORROW, ALAN B2019R18HS025931Vanderbilt University Medical CenterSafely Improving Emergency Diagnostic Testing through Clinical Safe Harbors
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ABELLA, BENJAMIN S2019R21NS109763University Of PennsylvaniaMeasuring post-arrest neurologic injury via nanofluidic assay of brain-derived exosomal RNA
ALLEN, BRIAN J2017R21HD091887Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med CtrIntegrating AAT into TF-CBT for Maltreated Youth: A Randomized Feasibility Trial
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2018R21EY029450Tel Aviv UniversitySelective Optogenetic Inhibition of Neuropeptide Release
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MERCHANT, RAINA2020R21DA050761University Of PennsylvaniaAnalyzing Online Reviews to Evaluate Quality of Care at Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities
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2019R21AI142059Northwestern University At ChicagoCombining Immune Tolerance and Myelin Repair Therapy in T cell-driven MS Models
2020R21AI151438Northwestern University At ChicagoRegulation of Neuromyelitis Optica via Tolerance Induced by PLG Nanoparticles Encapsulating Aquaporin 4 Epitopes
MURPHY, ELIZABETH ANGELA2016R21CA191966University Of South Carolina At ColumbiaLinking macrophages to gut microbiota in obesity-enhanced colon cancer
MURRAY, JOHN ISAAC2015R21HD085201University Of PennsylvaniaSingle cell reconstruction of lineages and variability in C. elegans embryos
2017R21NS101629University Of PennsylvaniaMulticolor labeling for cell identification in the C. Elegans Nervous system
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PRICE, CYNTHIA J2018R21AT009932University Of Washington (Previously U Of Chicago 90pd0276)Mindful Body Awareness Training as an Adjunct to Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
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STATON, CATHERINE ANN2018R21TW010456Duke UniversityDeveloping Capacity to Improve Care Transitions for Injury Patients in Tanzania
STERN, MICHAEL J2019R21NS111340Rice UniversityExamining the role of phosphatidic acid in TOR-dependent degeneration
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2020R21AG068573University Of California-IrvineAssessing cell specific proteomes in the presence and absence of C5a complement signaling in Alzheimer's disease models
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VACA, FEDERICO E2018R21AA026346Yale UniversityDelaying Licensure: Latino Teens Riding with Impaired Drivers and Impaired Driving
WALSH, KYLE M2019R21CA242439Duke UniversityImmune Correlates and Mechanisms of Perinatal Cytomegalovirus Infection and Later Life ALL Development
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2015R21EY026095Mayo Clinic RochesterA Novel Method for Non-Invasive In Vivo Measurement of Ocular Biomechanical Properties and Clinical Significance in Glaucoma
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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LI, WEI2019R24EY028764University Of Miami School Of MedicineA selective angiogenesis blocker to treat retinopathy of prematurity
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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2015R25GM116167University Of Alabama At BirminghamBeyond textbook, yet simple, statistical tools for reproducible animal research
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2015R25HD083136University Of California BerkeleyWorkshops in Formal Demography
GOODE, CHRIS THOMAS2013R25MH095735Georgia State UniversityION/Teach: A Summer Research Immersion for High School Students and Teachers
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LEWIS, ROGER J2014R25NS088248University Of Michigan At Ann ArborEnhancing Scientific Inquiry in Clinical Neurosciences Through Methodology Traini
MEURER, WILLIAM JOSEPH2014R25NS088248University Of Michigan At Ann ArborEnhancing Scientific Inquiry in Clinical Neurosciences Through Methodology Traini
MURPHY, CLAIRE L2013R25AG043364San Diego State UniversitySDSU ADAR Program
PORTER, JAMES2019R25NS110050University Of North DakotaIndians Into Medicine: Native Educator University Research Opportunity in Neuroscience (INMED: NEUROscience)
SHARMA, RAHUL2020R25DK124918University Of VirginiaThe University of Virginia Kidney Technology Development Research Education Program (VA K-TUTOR)
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2012R25HG006424Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCSHL 2018 Advanced Sequencing Technologies & Applications Course
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2014R25HG007819Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCSHL Computational and Comparative Genomics Course
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2015R25MH107360Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCSHL Advanced Techniques In Molecular Neuroscience Course
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STEWART, KATHERINE L.2012R25GM096956Savannah State UniversityRISE Option I at Savannah State University
WU, JOSEPH C.2019R25HL147666Stanford UniversityStanford Undergraduate URM Summer Cardiovascular Research Program
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
AUFDERHEIDE, TOM PAUL2018R33HL142696University Of MinnesotaAdvanced REperfusion STrategies- The ARREST Trial
BERNSTEIN, DANIEL2014R33HL123655Stanford UniversityhiPSC-Cardiomyocytes to Screen Variants Predictive of Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity
HWANG, ULA Y2018R33AG058926Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiBuilding the Geriatric Emergency care Applied Research (GEAR) network
LIU, YANG2018R33CA225494University Of Pittsburgh At PittsburghHigh-throughput super-resolution imaging of chromatin structures at different epigenetic states
MCCORMACK, RYAN P2020R33DA049265New York University School Of MedicineMeasuring Improvement in the Quality of ED-initiated Treatment for OUD using Observation
PRICE, CYNTHIA J2018R33AT009932University Of Washington (Previously U Of Chicago 90pd0276)Mindful Body Awareness Training as an Adjunct to Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
RICHARDS, CHRISTOPHER I2017R33DA038817University Of KentuckySingle molecule determination of nAChR structural assembly for therapeutic targeting
YANG, JENNY J.2019R33CA235319Georgia State UniversityMulti-color Mapping of Cancer Molecular Signatures and Tumor microenvironment
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
CHAN, PHILIP ANDREW2016R34MH109371Brown UniversityPrEP uptake, adherence & retention for African American MSM in Mississippi
2016R34MH110369Brown UniversityOptimizing PrEP uptake & Adherence among MSWs using a 2-stage randomization design
2017R34DA042648Miriam HospitalA brief motivational interviewing-based intervention to improve HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis uptake among men who have sex with men
2019R34AA027195Brown UniversityApplying user-centered design strategies to develop a tablet-optimized intervention to help high-risk men starting PrEP reduce their heavy drinking and adhere to their medication
COX, CHRISTOPHER ETHAN2015R34AT008819Duke UniversityMobile Mindfulness to Improve Psychological Distress after Critical Illness
2019R34HL145387Duke UniversityOptimizing a self-directed mobile copying skills training intervention for improving cardiorespiratory failture survivors' psychological distress: a pilot randomized clinical trial
FLORIN, TODD ADAM2020R34HL153474Lurie Children's Hospital Of ChicagoProcalcitonin to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Pediatric Pneumonia (P-RAPP)
FULLER, BRIAN M2020R34HL150404Washington UniversityThe Feasibility of Implementing Light Sedation after Initiation of Mechanical Ventilation in the Emergency Department: the ED-SED Pilot Trial
KUPPERMANN, NATHAN2017R34HL135214University Of California At DavisTraumatic Injury Clinical Trial Evaluating Tranexamic Acid in Children (TIC-TOC)
MERCHANT, ROLAND C2018R34DA045544Brigham And Women's HospitalDevelopment and Pilot Testing of a Persuasive Health Communication Intervention for Emergency Department Patients Who Decline Rapid HIV/HCV Screening
MILLER, SARAH J2018R34AG059705Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinaie-Motivacion: Developing and pilot testing an app to improve Latinos screening colonoscopy rates
NEUMAR, ROBERT W.2016R34HL130738University Of Michigan At Ann ArborExtracorporeal CPR for Refractory Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (EROCA) Trial Planning Grant
NISHIJIMA, DANIEL KIDEN2017R34HL135214University Of California At DavisTraumatic Injury Clinical Trial Evaluating Tranexamic Acid in Children (TIC-TOC)
SABBATINI, AMBER KATHLEEN2019R34MH120345University Of Washington (Previously U Of Chicago 90pd0276)Improving Mental Health Outcomes with the Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE): Insights from Washington State
SCHNEIDER, JOHN2014R34MH104058University Of ChicagoNext generation partner notification and intervention services
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ANDERSON, CHARLES2020R35GM138023West Virginia UniversitySynapse-specific effects of synaptically released zinc: implications for auditory processing
BROWN, MICHAEL KEVIN2019R35GM131755Indiana University BloomingtonMethods and Strategies for Chemical Synthesis
GROSS, ERIC RICHARD2016R35GM119522Stanford UniversityPrecision medicine for Asian Americans requiring anesthesia
KING, RANDALL W2018R35GM127032Harvard Medical SchoolMechanistic Analysis of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System
LEWIS, JASON S2019R35CA232130Sloan-Kettering Inst Can ResearchAnnotating Cancer Biology through Non-Invasive Molecular Imaging
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MONTE, ANDREW ALBERT2017R35GM124939University Of Colorado DenverPersonalizing EmerGency/Acute therapeuticS Utilizing Systems biology (PEGASUS)
MURRAY, JOHN ISAAC2018R35GM127093University Of PennsylvaniaDecoding lineage and fate specification in the C. elegans embryo
SCHUMACHER, MARIA2019R35GM130290Duke UniversityDeciphering fundamental biological processes involving protein-nucleic acid interactions at the molecular level
SMITH, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER2018R35GM128840Medical College Of WisconsinDiscovering and Exploiting Selectivity within Tandem Bromodomains
ZHANG, QIANG2020R35GM138336State University Of New York At AlbanyThe chemical approach towards homogenous glycoprotein preparation and evaluation
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
LI, JUN2019R36HS026836University Of Michigan At Ann ArborUnderstanding the effects of Medicare?s home health Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings: patient choice and unintended consequences
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
GORDON, DAVID J2018R37CA217910University Of IowaGene expression signature based screening in Ewing sarcoma
GORDON, PETER M2020R37CA240846University Of MinnesotaOvercoming Leukemia Chemoresistance in the Central Nervous System
RICHARDS, JOHN E1988R37HD018942University Of South Carolina At ColumbiaThe development of sustained attention in infants
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
WU, JOSEPH C.2020R38HL143615Stanford UniversityR38 Stanford Integrated Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Residency Research Training Program
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
LI, WEI2017R41EY027665Everglades Biopharma, LlcDeveloping a novel therapy for diabetic retinopathy
LIU, JIAN2017R41GM123792Glycan Therapeutics, LlcDeveloping Heparan Sulfate Glycan Array
2017R41HL139187Glycan Therapeutics, LlcDevelopment of a New Carbohydrate-based Anticoagulant Drug
MARSHALL, JOHN2019R41MH118747Aingeal, LlcDevelopment of a lead cyclic-PDZ-Enhancer drug for Anxiety and Depression
MILLER, CHASE2016R41HG009096Frameshift Labs, Inc.Empowering real-time, web-based genomic big data analysis at commercial scale.
2017R41HG009629Frameshift Labs, Inc.Visually-driven disease variant analysis empowering real-time clinical research.
MURPHY, ELIZABETH ANGELA2018R41AT009964Acepre, LlcEmodin as a complementary dietary therapy to reduce toxicity of 5 fluorouracil
ORNATO, JOSEPH P2020R41DA051293Uas Associates LlcDrone-Delivered Naloxone System for Opioid Overdose Treatment
PETERSON, TIMOTHY R2020R41GM137625Bioio, LlcDrug target identification using CRISPRi/a screening
ROSS, CHRISTOPHER2019R41ES030274Engineering Resources Group, Inc.AHTP-comet: development of an automated, high throughput comet assay system
SMITH, ANDREW DENNIS2016R41DK107071Imageiq, Inc.Liver Surface Nodularity Score as a New Noninvasive Biomarker for Chronic Viral Hepatitis
WILSON, DAVID LYNN2016R41CA213601Bioinvision, Inc.Cancer Imaging and Therapy Platform
2018R41HL144271Bioinvision, Inc.System-independent quantitative cardiac CT perfusion
YANG, JENNY J.2016R41AA025863Inlighta Biosciences, LlcMolecular Imaging of Early Stage of Liver Fibrosis by Novel Protein Agents
YANG, SAMUEL2019R41AI145604Combinati, Inc.Integrated Microbial Screening and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test on Microfluidic Digital Array for Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BOUDREAUX, EDWIN D2012R42AA022035Polaris Health Directions, Inc.Remote Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment Service for Alcohol (R-BIRT)
2019R42DA049448Q2i, LlcReward-based technology to improve opioid use disorder treatment initiation after an ED visit
PETERSON, SUSAN K2012R42CA168107Radiant Creative Group, LlcUsing game mechanics to improve outcomes among stem cell transplant survivors
PETERSON, TIMOTHY R2019R42DK121652Bioio, LlcNovel insulin-sensitizing NASH/diabetes drugs.
YANG, JENNY J.2014R42CA183376Inlighta Biosciences, LlcNoninvasive Contrast Enhanced Early Detection of Melanoma Liver Metastasis
2016R42AA025863Inlighta Biosciences, LlcDetection and Staging of Liver Fibrosis by Precise MRI (pMRI)
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BROWN, MICHAEL2019R43ES031465Foundation Instruments, Inc.SBIR Phase I: Evaluating the feasibility of the TotalTHM-NOW for drinking water treatment plants to improve water quality, reduce costs, and lower cancer risks
COLLINS, JOHN2017R43HL118938BiopicoHigh throughput Electrophysiological Purification Array (HEPA) for cell based therapies
2019R43GM133233BiopicoCellular Electrophysiological Purification Array for Preclinical Therapies
2020R43ES032357BiopicoFluidic Programmable Gravi-maze Array (FPGA) for Multi-organs Drug Testing
COX, CHRISTOPHER R2020R43DK126572Cobio Diagnostics Inc.Rapid phage-amplified immunoassay for phenotypic UTI diagnosis and antimicrobial susceptibility testing
FELDMAN, JAMES ALAN2017R43GM123821Biosensics, LlcPortable Ultrasound System for Automated Detection of Abdominal Free-Fluid
HAMILTON, RICHARD T2015R43AI118139Aptalogic, IncDetecting Ebola Virus Infections
HARMON, JOHN W2016R43GM113291Canton Biotechnologies, Inc.Development of Iontophoresis Device for Plasmid DNA Transfection of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 to Improve Wound Healing
HUSSAIN, ALI2017R43HD085600Ension, Inc.Development of bioactive surface for pediatric hemodialysis catheters to prevent thrombogenic, inflammatory and biofilm complications
JOHNSON, DANIEL DAVID2016R43EB022559Exo Dynamics, LlcC3i Supplement: Development of an Active Spinal Orthosis for the Treatment of Vertebral Compression and Burst Fractures
LEVINE, ROBERT J2016R43ES025449Archiemd, Inc.Gesture-based mobile HAZMAT e-learning for first responders
2017R43DA042645Archiemd, Inc.An interactive App to Promote Safe and Effective use of Opioids in Young Children Postoperatively
2020R43ES031429Archiemd, Inc.A multimedia toolkit for teaching environmental health literacy topics related to Superfund sites
LI, WEI2020R43CA257324Seak Therapeutics, LlcFeasibility study of developing SEAK-114 for the treatment of pediatric cancers
2020R43EY031238Everglades Biopharma, LlcAnti-angiogenic gene therapy of ocular vascular diseases
LIU, JIAN2020R43GM137629Polaronyx, Inc.3D printing of Tungsten Radial Collimator
MILLER, CHASE2017R43HG009868Frameshift Labs, Inc.Novel iobio analysis supporting genome scale data quality control.
MILLER, JOSEPH2018R43ES030250Lynntech, Inc.Continuous removal/disposal system for the concurrent sorption and breakdown of contaminants into harmless precipitates
O'BRIEN, JAMES PATRICK2017R43ES028147D And E Technical, Inc.Oil Spill Response Using In Situ Burning: e-Learning for Responder Safety and Effectiveness
O'NEILL, JOHN DAVID2018R43HL144341Xylyx Bio, Inc.Native cell specific microenvironments for improved cell culture
2020R43HL150991Xylyx Bio, Inc.Biomimetic lung sealant to rapidly heal pulmonary air leaks, decrease recovery time, and reduce associated costs to the healthcare system,
PATEL, ANJALI2018R43DK119089Accents On Health, Inc.Dining with Diabetes: Personalized Technology for Self-Management
TAYLOR, MICHAEL JOHN2016R43AI124835Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.Sylvatica I-Corps Commercialization Jan2017 - High Subzero, Equilibrium VCA Cryopreservation
2016R43GM119918Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.Isochoric Pressure Based Preservation of Cells, Tissues and Organs
2017R43DK113537Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.Nature-inspired methods for long-term banking of endocrine cells within encapsulation devices
2017R43HD090888Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.Isochoric Pressure Assisted Vitrification of Testicular Tissue and Whole Testes
2018R43DK119043Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.Nanowarming-enabled vitrification for banking human livers
2019R43DK117801Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.New approaches to kidney banking through nature-inspired high sub-zeropreservation strategies
2019R43HL145934Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.Non-toxic, nature-inspired perfusion and high subzero ice-free isochoric technologies for extending heart preservation
ZHANG, QIANG2017R43DK113847Parkside Scientific, Inc.New Th17 Selective Immunomodulators for Inflammatory Disorders
2019R43AI145421Parkside Scientific, Inc.New Epigenetic Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis
ZHANG, XIAOYAN2016R43DA041030Mosaix Software, Inc.Demand Reduction Smart Tool for Analysis and Research(STAR)
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BOUDREAUX, EDWIN D2019R44MH118780Adaptive Testing TechnologiesComputerized Adaptive Suicidal Risk Stratification and Prediction
CARREIRO, STEPHANIE P2019R44DA046151Continueyou, LlcRAE Health I-Corps
CARROLL, JOSEPH2020R44EY031278Translational Imaging Innovations, Inc.Validating Automated Photoreceptor Analytics Software For Degenerative Eye Disease Research and Biopharma Clinical Trials.
CARTER, MICHAEL T.2012R44ES021676Kwj Engineering, Inc.Home Ozone Monitor Incorporating Low Cost High Performance Printed Gas Sensors
2015R44AA024651Kwj Engineering, Inc.Wearable Noninvasive Blood Alcohol Monitor
CHANG, DAVID WOOSUK2017R44CA203608Fibralign CorporationProspective evaluation of a surgical solution for breast cancer-associated lymphedema
CHEN, ALICE2017R44DK115242Organovo, Inc.Development and validation of a novel 3D human in vitro model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis to be used for novel therapeutic screening and research on disease mechanism.
COLLINS, JOHN2020R44GM139413BiopicoCGMP Compliant Closed Cell Culture System for Reproducible De-differentiation of human somatic cells into iPSCs
DUMMER, MATTHEW2012R44CA176848Vixar, Inc.Compact Swept Near-Infrared Light Source for Broadband Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Imaging of Breast Malignancies
FELDMAN, JAMES ALAN2017R44GM123821Biosensics, LlcPortable Ultrasound System for Automated Detection of Abdominal Free-Fluid
HANNA, GABI2020R44DK125219Lamassu Pharma Inc.Development of a novel lipase inhibitor for the treatment of acute pancreatitis
JOHNSON, GRAHAM2014R44AI122428Oricula Therapeutics, LlcNovel therapeutic agent to prevent hearing loss during aminoglycoside therapy
KELLY, TERENCE2020R44HL152710Cornovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.A New Drug Therapy for Advanced Heart Failure
KIM, JOHN Y2019R44CA247273Surgical Innovation Associates, Inc.First and Only Soft Tissue Support Device to Improve Patient Experience and System Cost in Breast Reconstruction
LAM, DAVID K2018R44DE028213Nushores Biosciences, LlcFeasibility study of a nanostructural system for bone regeneration in preparation for dental implants
LEE, JOHN2018R44CA156740Altor Bioscience. LlcNovel IL-15 Superagonist Therapy for Bladder Cancer
2018R44HL140690Phase Bioscience, Inc.Safety, tolerability and efficacy of a novel sustained release analog of vasoactive intestinal peptide, PB1046, in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
LEE, MOO-YEAL2020R44TR003491Bioprinting Laboratories, Inc.Pillar and perfusion well plate platforms for reproducible organoid culture from iPSC
2014R44HL124872Archiemd, Inc.Mixed-reality Simulation Training for Pediatric Airway Management Procedures
LIU, YANG2019R44CA246991Oncoimmune, Inc.A phase II dose expansion clinical trial testing the efficacy of CD24Fc for the prophylaxis of severe graft vs host disease and leukemia relapse
MANNING, WILLIAM CLARENCE2019R44AG065051Seer, Inc.Rapid Profiling of the Plasma Proteome and Machine Learning Analytics for Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
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2016R44AI145782Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.Isochoric Pressure Based Preservation of Cells, Tissues and Organs
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2019R44CE003170Mosaix Software, Inc.PHS 2018-02 Omnibus Solicitation of the NIH, CDC, and FDA for Small Business Innovation Research Gra
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
RUPP, JONATHAN D.2019R49CE003072Emory UniversityCE19-001, Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
YU, MING2018R50CA233042Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterTranslational Epigenomics in Gastrointestinal Cancer
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
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DORAN, KELLY S2006R56NS051247University Of Colorado DenverBlood-Brain Barrier failure during bacterial meningitis
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2018R56DK119524Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ At IndianapolisMolecular mechanisms underlying clonal expansion of hematopoietic stem cells
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Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
AUFDERHEIDE, TOM PAUL2018R61HL142696University Of MinnesotaAdvanced REperfusion STrategies- The ARREST Trial
BERNSTEIN, DANIEL2020R61HL146775Stanford UniversityRE-ENERGIZE FONTAN - RandomizEd Exercise INtERvention desiGned to MaximIZE Fitness in Pediatric FONTAN patients
HSIEH, YU-HSIANG2020R61AI154628Johns Hopkins UniversityStreamlined 15-min HIV Viral Load Self-Testing Using Finger-Stick Blood
HWANG, ULA Y2020R61AG069822Yale UniversityGeriatric Emergency care Applied Research network 2.0 - Advancing Dementia Care (GEAR 2.0 ADC)
JONES, JAMES BRIAN2020R61AG068927California Pacific Med Ctr Res InstituteAn Electronic Health Record based Dashboard-driven Intervention to Improve Identification and Management of Preventive Care for Cardiovascular Disease
MCCORMACK, RYAN P2019R61DA049265New York University School Of MedicineMeasuring Improvement in the Quality of ED-initiated Treatment for OUD using Observation
ROTHMAN, RICHARD E2020R61AI154628Johns Hopkins UniversityStreamlined 15-min HIV Viral Load Self-Testing Using Finger-Stick Blood
SHAH, MANISH N2020R61AG069822Yale UniversityGeriatric Emergency care Applied Research network 2.0 - Advancing Dementia Care (GEAR 2.0 ADC)
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
WANG, DAVID2019RC2DK116713Washington UniversityComputational and Experimental Resources for Virome Analysis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (CERVAID)
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER DAVID2017RF1AG055477University Of PennsylvaniaIntegrated target discovery in Alzheimer's disease
HARAN, JOHN PATRICK2020RF1AG067483Univ Of Massachusetts Med Sch WorcesterUnderstanding the Microbiome-gut-brain axisn Alzheimer disease and its Role in Cognitive Decline
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LIU, SHAOLIN2020RF1AG069196Howard UniversityCellular and circuit mechanisms underlying APOE-4 effects on olfaction.
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ZHANG, LI2017RF1AG057494Henry Ford Health SystemGlymphatic and cognitive impairment of aging and diabetes
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BERNSTEIN, DANIEL2019RM1GM131981Stanford UniversityFrom proteins to cells to tissues: A multi-scale assessment of biomechanical regulation by the myosin molecular motor



Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
JONES, DAVID NIGEL2018S10OD025020University Of Colorado Denver600 MHz NMR console and cold probe
ROSE, JOHN P.2016S10OD021762University Of GeorgiaAcquisition of an X-ray Generator/Detector System to Support NIH Research
2019S10OD027000University Of GeorgiaAcquisition of a High Precision Micro Diffractometer to Support NIH funded Research at SER-CAT
THOMPSON, LINDA F2020S10OD028479Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation5-Laser Cytek Aurora Spectral Flow Cytometer
WANG, YI2016S10OD021782Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell Univ3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System for Preclinical, Translational and Clinical Research
WEISS, ERIC LYLE2018S10OD023681Northwestern UniversityEcho Acoustic Liquid Handler for High Throughput Analysis Lab
YANG, JENNY J.2019S10OD027045Georgia State UniversityTranslational Research by 3T Molecular Imaging
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
LIU, YANJUN2009SC1DK104821Charles R. Drew University Of Med & SciThe Role of Adipose H6PDH in Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
YOUNG, KELLY ANSLEY2016SC3GM116696California State University Long BeachRegulation of Folliculogenesis During Ovarian Recrudescence
ZHANG, XIAOYU2017SC3GM122659California State University San MarcosUnderstanding Biomineralization in Coccolithophores by Comparative Genomic, Transcriptomic and Epigenetic Analyses



Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
STEWART, DAVID J.2012T15HD072999Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course on Proteomics
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ARTHUR, JOHN M.2006T32DK061921Univ Of Arkansas For Med ScisTraining Program in the Pathophysiology of Renal Disease
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PATEL, CHIRAG J.2017T32DK110919Massachusetts General HospitalHarvard Training Program in Bioinformatics Applied to Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.
POWERS, SCOTT W2003T32DK063929Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med CtrResearch Training in Child Behavior and Nutrition
RICHARDSON, LYNNE D.2016T32HL129974Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiMount Sinai Clinician Scientist Training Program in Emergency Care Research
ROSS, CHRISTOPHER A.1978T32MH015330Johns Hopkins UniversityInterdisciplinary Training in Psychiatry and Neuroscience
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WU, JOSEPH C.2008T32EB009035Stanford UniversityMulti-Disciplinary Training Program in Cardiovascular Imaging at Stanford
YEALY, DONALD M2017T32HL134615University Of Pittsburgh At PittsburghEmergency Medicine Research Training
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
BRICE, JANE2017T35HL134624Univ Of North Carolina Chapel HillUNC-CH ISTEM Program
HUGHES, MICHELLE L2007T35DC008757Father Flanagan's Boys' HomeShort-Term Research Training for AuD Students
WANG, YI2006T35EB006732Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell UnivClinical Summer Immersion for Biomedical Engineering PhD Students
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title



Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ADEOYE, OPEOLU M2018U01NS100699University Of CincinnatiMulti-arm Optimization of Stroke Thrombolysis (MOST) Stroke Trial
AUFDERHEIDE, TOM PAUL2016U01HL133818University Of MinnesotaThe ACCESS Trial - CCC
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2020U01FD007220Critical Path InstituteAdvancing standards and methodologies to generate real world evidence from real world data through a neonatal pilot project
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2020U01FD007147Sc State Dept/Health/Environmental ContrNARMS Cooperative Agreement Program to Strengthen Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance in Retail Food Specimens
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FISCHER, MICHAEL J.2019U01DK123787University Of Illinois At ChicagoUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Hemodialysis Opioid Prescription Effort (HOPE) Clinical Center
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2020U01CK000589Center/ Disease Dynamics, Econom/PolicyIn silico Randomized Control Trial Framework for Assessing Infection Control and Prevention Interventions in the Hospital
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LI, WENBO2020U01HL156059University Of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr HoustonBeyond Gene Dosage: Understanding Down Syndrome via 4D Genome Organization
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2016U01HL133997Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiNew York City Sickle Cell Implementation Science Consortium
SCHNEIDER, JOHN2016U01PS005143University Of ChicagoInsurance Coverage Expansion (ICE): A collaboration to increase and strengthen access to care among men and their networks
SCHOENFELD, DAVID ALAN2014U01HL123009Massachusetts General HospitalCCC for NHLBI Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury PETAL Network
SCHWARTZ, RICHARD C2015U01ES026119Michigan State UniversityMammary carcinogenesis: pubertal and adult effects of high fat diet+oxybenzone
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WANG, DAVID2020U01AI151810Washington UniversityEmerging infections: surveillance, epidemiology and pathogenesis
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ZHANG, XIAOLIANG2018U01EB023829State University Of New York At BuffaloEnhanced MR for morphological characterization of ligaments, tendons and bone
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ADEOYE, OPEOLU M2007U10NS058982University Of CincinnatiUniversity of Cincinnati NETT Network Hub and Spoke System
AUFDERHEIDE, TOM PAUL2007U10NS058927Medical College Of WisconsinThe Milwaukee Clinical Site Hub
BAREN, JILL MARJORIE2007U10NS058960University Of PennsylvaniaGreater Philadelphia Southern New Jersey NETT Network
BIROS, MICHELLE HELEN2007U10NS058994University Of MinnesotaNeurological Emergencies Treatment Trials (NETT) Network Clinical Site Hubs
GOLDSTEIN, JOSHUA N2012U10NS080369Massachusetts General HospitalThe Boston NETT Group
PANCIOLI, ARTHUR MARTIN2007U10NS058982University Of CincinnatiUniversity of Cincinnati NETT Network Hub and Spoke System
QUINN, JAMES V.2007U10NS058929Stanford UniversityStanford University Hub for Neurological Emergency Treatment Trials
SMITH, ANDREW2012U10HL110302Emory UniversityHeart Failure Clinical Trials Network
WELCH, ROBERT D.2007U10NS059012Wayne State UniversityNeurological Emergencies Treatment Trials (NETT) Network Clinical Site Hubs
WRIGHT, DAVID W2007U10NS059032Emory UniversityNeurological Emergencies Treatment Trials (NETT) Network Clinical Site Hubs....
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
CARPENTER, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT2014U13AG048721American Geriatrics SocietyPhysician Scientists in Aging: Developing and Activating Specialty Investigators
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
DAVIS, MEGAN2017U18FD006216Sc State Dept/Health/Environmental ContrMaintenance and Enhancement of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation and Whole Genome Sequencing for State Food Testing Laboratories
2019U18FD006768Sc State Dept/Health/Environmental ContrMaintenance and Enhancement of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation and Whole Genome Sequencing for State and Food Testing Laboratories
DAVIS, MEGAN M2012U18FD004478Sc State Dept/Health/Environmental ContrISO/IEC 17025:2005 ACCREDITATION FOR STATE FOOD TESTING LABORATORIES - South Caro
GILLIS, REBECCA2012U18FD004433Ky St Cabinet/Health/Family ServicesKentucky Department for Public Health DPHPS Food Safety Branch Conformance with t
2017U18FD006228Ky St Cabinet/Health/Family ServicesConformance with the Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS) (U18)
2018U18FD006408Ky St Cabinet/Health/Family ServicesKentucky's Flexible Funding Model - Infrastructure Development and Maintenance for State Manufactured Food Regulatory Program.
JOHNSON, ALEXA2016U18FD005892Nevada State Department Of AgricultureNevada Department of Agriculture Produce Safety Program Research Strategy
LEE, ERIC2016U18FD005907Louisiana Dept Of Agriculture/ForestryDesigning a State program in Louisiana to Enhance Produce Safety in Preparation of Implementation of the FDA Produce Safety Rule.
MCCORMICK, SEAN2016U18FD005888Rhode Island State Dept Of HealthRhode Island's Plan to Implement the Produce Safety Rule
MILLER, BENJAMIN DAVID2012U18FD004662Minnesota State Dept Of AgricultureMinnesota Department of Agriculture, Dairy and Food Inspection Divisions Response
2013U18FD004920Minnesota State Dept Of AgricultureAdvancing the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Conformance with the Manufact
2016U18FD005896Minnesota State Dept Of AgricultureMinnesota?s Application to Enhance Produce Safety in Preparation of Implementation of FDA's Rule: Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing, & Holding of Produce for Human Consumption.
NGUYEN, THUY2020U18DA052414Research Triangle InstituteValidation of Neuropeptide FF Receptors as Targets for Methamphetamine Use Disorder
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ALLEN, TODD M2009U19AI082630Massachusetts General HospitalInduction and Recovery of T Cells after Cure of Chronic Viral Infection
2015U19HL129903Harvard UniversityA defend and destroy approach to curing HIV
CAIRNS, CHARLES B2020U19AI128910Drexel UniversityInteractive Omics of HepB Vaccine Response in Co-Infection with Parasites
DAVIS, MARK MORRIS2003U19AI057229Stanford UniversityUsing a tonsil organoid system to probe conditions for the induction of protective antibody and T cell responses to influenza.
DAVIS, MEGAN2020U19FD007111Sc State Dept/Health/Environmental ContrSC DHEC Admin Core
JONES, WILLIAM S2019U19AG065188Duke UniversityPREVENTABLE Clinical Sites Core
MADDRY, JOSEPH A2014U19AI109680University Of Alabama At BirminghamIdentification and Development of Anti-Flavivirus Lead Drug Candidates
MCCONNELL, DANIEL S2020U19AG063720University Of Pittsburgh At PittsburghCore 2: Laboratory Services Core
SUH, YOUSIN2017U19AG056278Albert Einstein College Of MedicineAdministrative Core
THOMPSON, LINDA F2004U19AI062629Oklahoma Medical Research FoundationFlow Cytometry Core
VO, NAM V2019U19AR076725University Of Pittsburgh At PittsburghInfluence of inflammation-related genetic variants on PT treatment response in a population affected by CLBP
WILSON, MICHAEL D2017U19AI129916Noguchi Memorial Institute / Medical ResNoguchi Institute Initiative for NTDs Elimination (NIINE)
Investigator Name
Initial Year Funded
Project Number
Project Title
ADEOYE, OPEOLU M2017U24NS100688University Of CincinnatiStrategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN)
ALLEN, TODD M2017U24DA044801Massachusetts General HospitalNext-Generation Sequencing Center for GHOSTing Hepatitis C Virus: Transforming Community Based Molecular Surveillance and Outbreak Investigation
AUFDERHEIDE, TOM PAUL2017U24NS100648Medical College Of WisconsinMid-America CTSA Consortium (MACC) as a Regional Clinical Center for the Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials (SIREN) Network
2019U24NS115679Medical College Of WisconsinMACC/EPICC-Net as a Hub for the HEAL Initiative EPICC-Net
BIROS, MICHELLE HELEN2017U24NS100649University Of MinnesotaNetwork for Emergency Care Clinical Trials: Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN) - Network Clinical Center (Hub)
BROWN, LINDA MORRIS2017U24NS105535Research Triangle InstituteData Management and Coordinating Center (DMCC) for the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Collaborative Research Centers (CRC)
CARROLL, JOSEPH2018U24EY029891Medical College Of WisconsinDeveloping Cone-Dominant Retinal Disease Models as a Resource for Translational Vision Research
DAYA, MOHAMUD RAMZANALI2017U24NS100657Oregon Health & Science UniversityStrategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN) - Network Clinical Center (Hub)
FERMANN, GREGORY JOSEPH2017U24NS100688University Of CincinnatiStrategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN)
GOLDSTEIN, JOSHUA N2017U24NS100651Massachusetts General HospitalThe Mass-SIREN Group
HERNANDEZ-MEIER, JENNIFER LYNN2019U24NS115679Medical College Of WisconsinMACC/EPICC-Net as a Hub for the HEAL Initiative EPICC-Net
IDRIS, AHAMED H2017U24NS100648Medical College Of WisconsinMid-America CTSA Consortium (MACC) as a Regional Clinical Center for the Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials (SIREN) Network
KLINE, JEFFREY A2017U24NS100648Medical College Of WisconsinMid-America CTSA Consortium (MACC) as a Regional Clinical Center for the Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials (SIREN) Network
LI, JUN2016U24DK112342University Of Michigan At Ann ArborMichigan MoTrPAC Chemical Analysis Site (MiCAS)
LIMKAKENG, ALEXANDER TAN2019U24NS114416Duke UniversityDuke Pain Early-phase Research Clinical Center (PERC)
MCMULLAN, JASON2017U24NS100688University Of CincinnatiStrategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN)
MILLER, AARON2018U24NS107201Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiMount Sinai Network of Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials
MINER, JAMES R.2017U24NS100649University Of MinnesotaNetwork for Emergency Care Clinical Trials: Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN) - Network Clinical Center (Hub)
O'NEIL, BRIAN J.2017U24NS100680Wayne State UniversityMichigan SIREN Collaborative
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